Management USC Marshall Who should take the course? IOM 402

Information and Operations Management
USC Marshall School of Business
IOM 402
Business Information Systems—Database Applications
Professor Wayne Wilmeth
BRI 401J
Who should take the course?
Anyone going into business. If you are going into the field of information systems you will need to
know how to design, maintain, and administrate a database. If you are going into accounting or
finance, you will need to know how to analyze data stored in a database. If you are going into a
managerial role, you will need to know what databases are capable of in order to request the
information you need from the people who know how to use them. And lastly, if you intend to run
your own small business or are running a division within a larger corporation, you will probably utilize a
desktop database to monitor your activities.
Course objectives
Construct and relate tables.
Create a user interface to input data through the use of forms and macros.
Create reports to output data in a meaningful and useful manner.
Construct queries to filter and mathematically manipulate data.
Key concepts
Understanding relational database theory.
Analyzing a business’s structure and constructing a relational database
appropriate for their business model.
Performing extractions and mathematical operations on data in an effort to
monitor and analyze business activities and needs.
Course description
Through lectures and labs, students will learn how to design, develop, and utilize
the desktop databases that business employ in their reporting and decision
making endeavors. Using Microsoft Access, students will learn hands-on the basics
of normalizing a database, creating and relating tables, creating user interfaces
through the use of forms and macros, extracting and mathematically
manipulating information through queries, and creating business reports. The
course consists of weekly instructor led database assignments and a final
database projected developed by the student.