Welcome to Presentation on Activities of Group-II NIC Himachal Pradesh Group Members

Welcome to Presentation on Activities of
Group-II NIC Himachal Pradesh
Group Members
Sandeep Sood, Scientist-D & Group Head
Parveen Sharma, SO-SB
Vandana Sankhyan, SO-SB
Amit Kanojia, STA-B
New Features Included:
 Dynamic Citizen Charter
 HP Public Services Guarantee Act 2011 and Rules thereof
Public Grievance Redressal Officers through SIC RTI Disclosures
Mapping of Grievance Type with Services declared under Public
Service Guarantee Act,2011. 14 Departments have notified
services under PSG Act 2011.
* 74 Departments/
institutes are online
on eSamadhan
Online Complaint Management System for * Launched in March 2014
National Commission for Protection of Child * 35,000 times accessed
Rights (NCPCR). The system has basic * 251 out of 1196 complaints
difference of Centralized Management of have been disposed off till
complaints instead of decentralized way as
being followed in eSamadhan. Complainant has
to create login to lodge complaint and
complaints are first scanned by NCPCR
members before same are forwarded to
concerned Central/State officials for redressal.
New Features Included:
 Functionality for auto final disposal of complaints.
 Multi-parameter based generic drill down reports
for NCPCR officials.
Web portal for Directorate of Energy. General information related to setting up
HEP in Himachal Pradesh is made available through this portal. All allocated
projects with capacity >5MW are monitored for physical progress as well as
financial dues.
New Features Included:
 eFlow (Water Discharge Data) links integrated
 LADF scheduling and payment monitoring
 Inventory of Works being undertaken from LADF by the concerned LADA and
Monitoring of works.
Web based Location Directory module is under development using
MVC. Solution will help in reorganising any unit starting from
Division to Revenue Village which results due to government
notifications from time to time. The solution will keep audit trail of
all changes and hence will be able to generate date/version based
location directory which is a primary requirement of various
* 5400 RoR’s
Web site has been converted to CMS based framework and following Issued In 18
Days Using This
new features have been included:
 Public viewing of Shajra Nasb in addition to Jamabandi.
 Offline request registration if tehsil is not connected when the user
tries to generate copy. Such copies are delivered on the registered
email address.
 Processed copies are available for re-viewing up to one month
 User can check status of all requests registered by him/her in the
last one month based on email address used.
 Availability of meta data at central server.
 Availability of Shajra Nasb (processed) data on central server
 Availability of Circle Rates data – Activity of Group-I
 Link related to RTI proactive disclosures of various level of offices in
Revenue department HP as well as PSG services notification
included on the web site.
Web Site of Revenue Department HP
Current Activities
 Standardising the process of incorporation of incremental data
received from ECI after completion of their annual revision.
 The revision of SEC Electoral Rolls likely to take place soon to
conduct general elections of PRI/ULB this year.
 Since 2010 all
Electoral Rolls
 Working Rolls will be having 2 Parts.
of SEC are
• Part-I will be replica of existing Final Rolls of respective
PRI/ULB except for flagging of Deleted, Modified and
using this
Shifted Electors as per ECI data.
• Part-II will be Panchayat, Village wise in the order of Name.
Listing all New electors as well as electors without
 Data of 2014 and 2015 ECI revisions has been received and will be
available very soon for generation of Working Rolls.
* 776280 RoR’s
have been Issued In
current financial
Monitoring of the Web Based RoR issuance is strengthened by year 2014-15.
adding village wise Jamabandi pendency reports
* 744379 RoR’s
were issued in
HimbhoomiLMK software is customized to show plot maps previous financial
(Tatima) in RoR using Bhunaksha application of NIC year 2013-14.
After discontinuation of ZOOM and GNG as SCAs, HPSCB
who is designated as new SCA has been integrated with
application and government fees as well as SCA and State
Society of IT charges are deducted from the LMK’s bank
account available with HPSCB instantaneously.
Android Mobile Apps:
All the Apps are designed in such a way that latest data/meta-data once viewed/
accessed is stored offline in the device itself so that data remains available till it is
 uHimachal shows all the updates of Official Web Portal of Himachal Pradesh.
eGazette shows latest 50 gazette notifications. Details can be accessed on a click
eSalary show the Current , Previous salary and GPF detail of H P Govt. employees.
eHRMS show the eService book of Govt. employees as well as Salary details.
eTransfers show the latest 5/15 transfer orders of opted departments.
HPIPH a G2G app for IPH employees and is digitalised Field Measurement Book.
IPR is G2C app for all the latest Press Releases of Himachal Government
Tourism is G2C app for tourists. App was developed for Mandi District but has a
generic design and can be used for any district. DIO Mandi has also developed an
interface to update data being consumed by this app.
Apps Download Link:
Double Entry Accounting System (DEAS)
Centralised reporting mechanism to show DEAS reports at State/ District as well as
Block Level.
Technologies and tools
Operating System
asp.net with C#
Web Technology
Tools and Utilities
SymmetricDS is open source software for
both file and database synchronization with
support for multi-master replication,
filtered synchronization, and
transformation across the network in a
heterogeneous environment.
pdftotext is an open source command-line
utility for converting PDF files to plain text
files —i.e. extracting text data from PDFencapsulated files. It is freely available and
included by default with many Linux
distributions, and is also available for
Windows as part of the Xpdf Windows
How to use : $ pdftotext file.pdf
Currently implement the full text pdf
search functionality to Official Web Portal
of Himachal Pradesh.
Currently working on LRC ,to consolidate all
the LRC server data to central server.