Physics PG-SSLC

Physics PG-SSLC Minutes December 2011
Physics PG-SSLC
Minutes of the meeting held on 9th December 2011, P564
1. Welcome and Apologies
Present: Nixon Yu (chair in NFS absence), James Mudd, Tom Skelhon, Catarina
Casteleiro, Natalia Parzyk, Kevin McAughey, Rosie Grayburn (secretary), Robin Ball,
Helen Ireland, Rachel Edwards, Simon Walker, David Leadley, Susan Tatlock, Geetha
Balakrishnan, Robert Cook
Apologies: Valery Nakariakov, Gavin Bell, Nessa Fereshteh Saniee
2. Minutes of the Last Meeting
a) Agreement of Minutes
The minutes of the last meeting were agreed to be correct and accurate
b) Matters Arising
More variety in PG seminar talks has been suggested. SSLC attendees were
asked to pass on information regarding any upcoming conference talks
within research clusters to Robert Cook:
The new Warwick login system for e-journals has been successful so far.
There is no PG-SSLC representation from the new MAS building or Milburn
house. Interest in representation will be sought from groups based in these
Noise, vibration and access problems arising from use of the Concourse as a
dance practice area have been reported. The Student’s Union will be
contacted about this issue.
The library has a timetable of opening hours and closures for the Christmas
Vacation which can be accessed via their website:
Physics PG-SSLC Minutes December 2011
The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) database was
flagged as a useful resource for Physics postgraduates.
The Physics building is not heated outside normal working hours (i.e.
evenings and weekends). PG students are to be surveyed by the
Postgraduate Coordinator on the need for electric heaters in offices during
these hours.
3. Social Events
The Physics Christmas Dinner will take place in the Radcliffe building on the 16th
December. Menu choices for those attending should have been submitted to
Mona Shorehdeli by the 8th December.
Pre-dinner drinks will be organised by the Social Secretary.
4. Any other business
a) Creation of Postgraduate Association
At the Union General Meeting held on Tuesday 29th November, over 300 union
members voted almost unanimously in favour of the creation of a Postgraduate
Association (PGA) within the Student’s Union. The format of this association is still
being decided. Current ideas involve the recruitment of a Postgraduate Sabbatical
Officer along with sub-officers (i.e. academic officer, welfare, sports etc.). Ideas for
postgraduate-only social events include a fortnightly event at the Terrace Bar and as
well as more social events during vacation time. Any ideas about this newly formed
Postgraduate Association should be put to the Postgraduate Science Faculty
Representative, Tom Skelhon:
b) Upcoming Education Convention
This event, hosted in Week 4 of Term 2, will involve all university SSLCs along with
senior academic and administrative staff to discuss university wide issues. Physics
PG-SSLC will be represented by the Chair and Secretary and any other interested
parties are welcome to attend.
c) Elections
Rosie Grayburn was elected as Secretary for the PG-SSLC.
Simon Walker will be the PG-SSLC representative the Physical Sciences
building, as well as being the representative for Astronomy and
5. Next Meeting
Friday 13th January 2012 12.30pm (room tba)