John Doe

John Doe
123 Any Road
Houghton, MI 49931
To be admitted to the Theatre Department Graduate Studies program at the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to study to earn an MFA in Sound
Design and Technology with a special concentration in the field of Live Sound
Awarded top honors for Regional Unrealized Sound Design – The Ice Wolf
2012 KCACTF (Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival)
Michigan Technological University
BA Sound Design
GPA: 2.80
Houghton, MI
Expected May 2012
Michigan Tech University
Project: Ice Wolf (Non Realized Sound Design)
Objective: Prepare and Present Sound Design at KCACTF
 Conceptualized sound design by researching and understanding plays theme
 Composed original music and sound to support all story components of the
play utilizing various sound design software
 Produced CD of music and specific sound examples showcasing design
 Combined all elements of this design in poster form for presentation
 Performed oral and visual presentation to 6 Kennedy Center Respondents
Result: Awarded top place for Regional Unrealized Sound Design competition
Project: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (live stage performance)
Objective: Live Sound Mixer/Composer
 Conceptualized and composed original music for production
 Designed and implemented vocal processing for specific characters
 Completed pre-show preparations and sound check with actors
 Mixed live sound for multiple runs of production
 Utilizing multiple Sound Design softwares for recorded mixed and mastered compositions
Project: The Near East (live stage production)
Objective: Collaborative Sound Design with Northern Michigan University
 Collaborated with University 90 miles away on sound design using remote
communication technology
 Conceptualized and designed location specific ambiences
 Researched and implemented appropriate musical support for this production
 Presented design elements, remotely, to colleagues
 Further refined and developed design elements to support directors vision
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Project: 2WMT-Speaker Project
Objective: Produce a monitor for mixing purposes
 Researched and implemented design
 Modeled multiple drivers in various cabinet types using Winspeakers software
 Produced drawings to construct speaker design using Vectorworks software
 Purchased material resources and constructed speaker from my design
 Tested, analyzed, troubleshot and modified component performance and
presented product to peers for evaluation
Skill and experience in producing sound art that enhances visual art in
communication of story movement, theme, tone, character and setting in
terms of:
 Conceptualizing
 Designing
 Composing
 Mixing/Mastering
 Signal Routing
 Wiring/Soldering
 Sound System Design and Implementation
Window/Mac OS
Pro Tools
Fuzz Measure
MS Office
Michigan Tech University Student Development Complex
Student Manager
 Work 10+ hrs/wk while maintaining full academic schedule
 Supervise student workers
 Ensure safety and building operation regulation compliance
Houghton, MI
2008 – Present
Various and Divers Construction Companies
Houghton/Keweenaw Counties
Owner/Forman/Lead Carpenter
1996 – 2008
 Obtaining, bidding, planning, staffing and resourcing construction jobs
Walmart Corporation
Stock Clerk
Houghton, MI
1995 – 1996
I enjoy composing, recording and performing music in my free time. I also am
involved in recreational ice hockey, snowboarding, and cycling. I draw inspiration for my
sound designs from surrealistic and futuristic artists like Salvador Dali and Giacomo
Balla. I look forward to traveling and viewing in person, pieces by these artists along with
many others in the future.
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