Groundwater sampling & analysis (GSA) Assessment Checklist

Groundwater sampling &
analysis (GSA)
Assessment Checklist
This subject is assessed directly from the following unit;
Unit Code
Unit Title
Collect & evaluate groundwater data
There are no co- or pre-requisites for this subject
Groundwater sampling & analysis (GSA)
Assessment checklist
Assessment Checklist
Class Details
Diploma of Environmental Monitoring & Technology
Hunter TAFE
National Unit
[MSS025006] Collect & evaluate groundwater data
Subject name
Groundwater sampling & analysis
This checklist is provided so you can keep an eye on your assessment completion. Simply check off
each assessment as you do it, making sure you submit your assessments prior to the due date.
Assessment Task
Due Date
Study module 1 – Introduction to groundwater theory
Study module 2 – Sampling & analysis plan
Study module 3 – Bore installation
Study module 4 – Groundwater sampling & testing
Study module 5 – Evaluating groundwater data
Practical exercise 1 – Gas/vapour measurements
Practical exercise 2 – Using pumps & bailers
Practical exercise 3 – Testing groundwater quality
Major assessment 1 - Fieldwork
Major assessment 2 – Groundwater data analysis
• Online students have all year to complete the tasks but it is highly recommended that you
complete them in the trimester you start it in to avoid work overload.
• Campus students must have all assignments completed by the end of Trimester they start in
• Workplace students can replace some assignments with relevant workplace materials with
the permission of the teacher and workplace supervisor.
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