Once again, we are especially grateful to Captain Richard O’Neill
(U.S. Navy, now retired) at the Office of the Assistant Secretary of
Defense/Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
(OASD/C3I) for his interest, support, and guidance. We are also
grateful for encouraging comments and other guidance from
OASD/C3I personnel Captain Gregory Blackburn (U.S. Navy), Lieutenant Colonel Robert Walter (U.S. Army), and Commander Bob
Scott (U.S. Navy). In addition, we are indebted to Dr. John Hamre
(Deputy Secretary of Defense) for his insightful comments on an
earlier version of this study.
We are thankful to a number of members of the Highlands Forum, a
consortium of government, business, academic, and media leaders
devoted to the study of information-age issues, for the insightful
comments they provided about some of the ideas we advance in this
study. Finally, we benefited from thoughtful review comments provided by our RAND colleagues Robert Anderson and Greg Treverton
and from skillful editing by Christina Pitcher.