Taster Course Information and Application Guidelines 2015 - 16

Taster Course Information and Application Guidelines
2015 - 16
Entry Requirements
Academic Qualifications
A UK Bachelor's degree in a relevant/allied subject, awarded with first or second-class Honours, or an
overseas qualification of an equivalent standard from a university or educational institution of university.
Where the US/Canadian marking scheme is used, a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 is required.
A guide to the equivalent grades from universities in other countries is on the Information by country pages
of the UCL website.
Professional Experience
An applicant whose qualifications, although otherwise acceptable, are of a lower standard may be admitted
if evidence of an adequate academic background and work experience in an appropriate field can be
shown. Two years relevant overseas experience is desirable.
English Language Proficiency
The programme is conducted in English. Applicants must be able to provide evidence that they have a
GOOD level of written and spoken English. Evidence may take the form of a recently obtained English
language qualification or test result awarded no more than two years prior to the proposed date of
enrolment. Accepted English language qualifications include the International English Language Testing
System (IELTS) Academic Version and Pearson Test of English (Academic). NB: The Test of English as a
Foreign Language (TOEFL) is only accepted for EU applicants.
For further information about UCL English language requirements please visit:
Two academic or professional reference letters are required. Please ensure that the letters are confidential
(i.e. provided in sealed and signed envelopes) or emailed by the Referee to cihdsc@ucl.ac.uk
Further Important Information
Successful completion of a taster course does not automatically grant you entry to an IGH/UCL
postgraduate course. To be admitted onto an IGH postgraduate programme you will need to apply using
the standard UCL application procedures.
You must transfer your credits to an IGH MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate within 2
academic years of the Taster course. You will then have up to 2 years to complete a postgraduate
certificate and 2-5 years to complete a PG Diploma or MSc qualification.
The tuition fee covers tuition and assessment only. Students will be assessed for the courses they take
and should the assessment involve an exam, students MUST stay in London after the course has finished
and take the exam on the assigned day.
You must be accepted for the taster programme before the module begins. Credit cannot be obtained
Please be sure to familiarise yourself with our postgraduate programmes so that you know which
modules are required for each qualification. It is also advisable to contact the Teaching Office to enquire
about any programme changes and check module availability as some modules become oversubscribed
and some do not run every year.
For those applying for the Research in Action: Qualitative Approach or Collecting and Using Data: Essentials of
Quantitative Survey Research modules, please note that you will need to have some prior basic knowledge in this
area and should provide evidence of this with your application.
Completing the application form
You must complete all sections of the application form.
Completed applications must be received at least one month before the start of the course. International
applicants requiring a Short Term Student Visa should allow at least a further 3 weeks to arrange and
receive their UK visa.
Please provide any additional required documentation when submitting your application as failure to do so
may cause delays.
Once your application form has been received, it will be circulated to the course coordinator for their
approval. It may take a few days to confirm whether your application has been successful. If successful you
will be notified and payment will be taken. Please note that we cannot reserve spaces on the courses until
the courses fees have been paid in full.
Ways to pay:
Card payment. If you would like to pay by credit card we need the following details: name of card
holder, card number, type of card e.g. Visa, MasterCard etc, expiry date of card. Please note we cannot
accept American Express.
Bank Transfer (BACS)
Instructions for paying by BACS
A/C Name: University College London or UCL
Reference/Payment description: 501330 followed by your FAMILY NAME. If you cannot use
this reference please DO NOT go ahead with the payment. Instead, contact us to arrange
this via another route.
Bank: Barclays, Russell Square Branch: Tel: +44 (0)20 7441 2303
Sort Code: 20 10 53
A/C Number: 40178691
Once the payment is complete, please forward an email to cihdsc@ucl.ac.uk with details
of the payment from your bank and a screen shot or similar proof/receipt. Any personal
details will be stored securely and destroyed when they are no longer needed.
Payments coming from abroad will also need IBAN and Swift address.
Swift Address: BARCGB21 05L
IBAN: GB87BARC20105340178691
 Cheques should be made payable to University College London and must be in Sterling (British pounds
£). We will need to receive your payment at least 10 working days before the start of the course.
 By cash (In person only, please do not send cash in the post). Please note that if paying by cash, this
cannot be done on the first day of the module. It must be done as early as possible in order to secure
a place on the course.
Payment by the above methods will obtain a single £50 discount.
 Invoice requests should be made well before the start of the course as this can be a lengthy process to
complete. This method of payment does not obtain the above discount.
Cancellation Policy:
(Please note that an administration fee of £25 applies in all cases)
 Cancel at least six weeks before module: £50 cancellation fee
 Cancel at least one month before module: £100 cancellation fee
 Cancel less than one month but more than two weeks before module: no refund, unless: there are
paid-up applicants on the waiting list who can attend the module, in which case, the cancellation
fee will be £100 or, you have a justifiable medical reason, with a written confirmation from a
medical doctor, in which case the cancellation charge will be £100.
 Cancel less than two weeks before module: no refund in any case.
The balance after cancellation fees will be refunded to you.
Duration of the Course
As a general guide, please note that with regards to the three week modules, the first two weeks of the
course will consist of contact and non-contact hours i.e. lectures, seminars, independent study and any
group work. The third week is reserved for individual study, group work and assignment preparation.
However, in order to cover course content adequately, it may be necessary to attend further lectures
during the third week. Therefore, you would have to be prepared to dedicate the full 3 weeks to the
module and stay in London.
Living and accommodation costs are not included in the fees. IGH does not organise accommodation for
students but we can assist you by providing you with a list of possible places to stay or organisations to
contact once you have been accepted onto the course. As there is high demand for housing, it is best to
arrange short-term housing as well in advance as possible.
Students who require a short term student visa will usually have to produce a course acceptance letter
before a visa will be issued. Please bear this in mind before making your travel arrangements. Please give
yourself enough time to obtain a visa and arrive in London before the start of the course as IGH reserves
the right to refuse admittance to students arriving late to the course.
Information for international applicants requiring a Short Term Student visa.
Check visa processing times for various British embassies around the world.
Please provide any required additional supporting documentation and evidence when submitting your visa
application as failure to do so may cause delays or your visa application being rejected.
Health Insurance
It is also very important for students who are studying in the UK for less than six months to ensure that they
arrange health insurance before arriving, as the UK National Health Service does not cover them.
Daily expenses
You should budget around £20 minimum per day for food, travel, etc. Subway (Tube) and bus passes are
available for 1 day, 7 day, and monthly periods, with prices varying depending on the travel zones covered.
Institute for Global Health
Application for Admission to the Taster Programme
Please ensure that you have read the application guidelines and instructions accompanying this form.
Please provide a passport sized image of yourself here:
TITLE: (Dr, Mrs, Mr, etc)
DATE OF BIRTH (day, month, year)
Detail your education since age 17. Start with the most recent. Include details of qualifications to be awarded. You must provide copies of
certificates or other proof of (higher education) academic achievements / professional qualifications.
Name of College,
University, etc.
State Country if outside
the UK
Class of
Degree or
Main subjects studied
Is English your first language? Yes _______ No ________
If ‘No’ detail any work experience or education that you have undertaken in English and/or the date and grade(s) achieved in the most recent
English language test that you have taken. A copy of the test certificate must be enclosed with this application.
List your employment to date. Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary. You may include a copy of your curriculum vitae if this is more
convenient. Medical graduates should include full details of all periods of clinical training and clinical attachment.
Name and address of Employer
State Country if outside UK
Position Held and Main Duties
Why do want to take this (these) taster course(s)? How will it contribute to your current work or future plans? (500 word minimum)
You may attach additional sheets if necessary
Payment Method (please tick)
Card _________ BACS _________ Cheque _________ Cash _________ Other _________
Cheques should be made payable to “University College London” and must be in Sterling (British pounds £)
Name of card holder
Card number
Type of card e.g. Visa, MasterCard etc,
Expiry date of card
Please note we cannot accept American Express.
Have you previously applied to the IGH Taster programme?
If ‘Yes’, please state when you applied and for which course
Where did you find out about the IGH Taster Programme:
IGH Website
IGH Staff
Recruitment Exhibition/Fair
IGH Course
IGH Student
British Council
Newsletter/Magazine Advertisement (Which one?)
Careers Centre
Please specify
State the names and addresses of the two people who have provided the references that you are returning with this application.
Please ensure that the letters are confidential. (ie sealed envelopes signed across the seal)
1. To the best of my knowledge, the information on this application is accurate and complete. (Please note that IGH
reserves the right to refuse admission or to terminate a student’s attendance should it be discovered that he/she has
made a false statement or omitted significant information. If you are offered a place, you will be required to provide
evidence of your qualification.)
Data Protection Act 1988: I agree to IGH/UCL processing personal data contained on this form, or other data which IGH
may obtain from me or other people or organisations whilst I am applying for admission. I agree to the processing of
such data for any purpose connected with my studies, or my health and safety whilst on ICH premises or for any other
legitimate purpose.
Please return this form, together with two letters of reference, transcripts for any relevant non-UK qualification, an English
language test certificate where appropriate, plus any additional supporting documents to:
ICH Taster Course Administrator cihdsc@ucl.ac.uk
6th Floor, Institute for Global Health
30 Guilford Street,
London, WC1N 1EH,