Nov 14, 2007 Conference Call – Final Start time at 9am

PNWCG Meeting Notes
Nov 14, 2007 Conference Call – Final
Start time at 9am
Pat Kelly, facilitator
0900 Roll Call
ODF Ann Walker
OR FM Randy Simpson
OR FD Earl Cordes, Doug Koellermeier
WA DNR Mark Kahley
WA FM Mike Matlick, Paul Perz
WA FD Bob Anderson
US FWS Bruce Babb
BLM Jim Furlong
USFS Ken Snell
Notetaker Jan Mathis
Sue Husari We decided with PNWCG strategic plan to have face-to-face meetings when the agenda
justifies it, otherwise, have conference call meetings. This is a new direction we are going
towards and feel it will be more efficient.
Pat Kelly Business item: October minutes v.3
No objections, will post on web.
Information Items:
1. John Saltenberger is on the Fire Environmental Working Team needs to reconstruct
the files that contain the draft weather service agreements and related correspondence
from 2004, 2005 & 2006. If anyone has any records or information, please contact John.
2. Gerry Day, Randy Simpson, Cory Winnie and Sue Husari will attend the
NMAC/GMAC Meeting in January. It will be held in Boise at NIFC on Jan 15-16th
2008. There’s no issue about the number of people who will attend. Paul Perz may
3. Bill Lafferty wants to remind everyone of the Contractor’s Assn Meeting. The
Nov 27th date has been rescheduled to Jan 30, 2008. Willie Begay is the POC. Jan has
sent out the announcement electronically.
4. “Best Value Dispatching” topic and Gordon Foster’s presentation will be on the Dec
5th agenda. His work & presentation will be mailed to everyone so it can be reviewed
prior to the meeting. All SC members who took notes when this topic was originally
presented in February are requested to bring copies for the entire group.
5. The Operations Working Team is exploring dates to schedule the
Spring 2008 Chair & Vice Chair meeting with the Steering Committee – possibly in
April. This will be an agenda item for the Steering Committee to decide on at the
December meeting.
6. The Council of the Western State Foresters approved the WUI grant list. The
proposed Westside Assessment was funded. Another topic they will be addressing is the
competitive grants process which brings up controversial issues and could go any of
several ways.
7. A Central Oregon Fire Chiefs Sub-Committee will be doing a review of shelter-inplace communities. What this will mean and where this will go is something that will
develop over the next year or so.
8. IC council 2008 Fire Season AAR went very well. .
9. We need to refresh the charter for the PNWCG. Pat will send this information out
electronically before the December meeting. This is something that can be worked on
during the January meeting.
AAR - All were in agreement that the conference call format worked very well as an
- Still important to have in person meetings when we have specific agenda topics
to work on.
The next meeting will be on Wed Dec 5th, 2008 at NWCC.
Meeting adjourned: 09:30am