Center Manager May Conference Call

Center Manager May Conference Call
May 5th 2011 – 1300
Skills Matrix
All center managers are encouraged to complete the skills matrix. Please send your updates to
Lynn Kenworthy @ [email protected]
Strategic Goals – Priorities
After further input from the center managers the priorities for the strategic goals did not change
from what was presented in March. With the priorities being established the task group will
now move forward creating a program of work.
National Conference Call
With the increased fire activity in the Southwest and Southeast there has been a modification to
the large Air Tanker contract. Two vendors will provide relief crews to accommodate 7 day a
week staffing. This modification will sunset prior to the onset of fire season in the West.
Jon Skeels reported that data cleanup in ROSS continues. Majority of work has been completed
with the federal agencies but work continues with the states.
NWCG is looking at supporting large fires with virtual positions. An example would be
supporting multiple large fires from a single location with finance section positions.
CMC Vision Statement
The PNWCG tasked the CM Advisory council to write a vision statement that would include:
A coordinated system of interagency dispatch centers of sufficient number and
capability to manage the complex issues and workload demands of the Pacific NW as
they relate to resource mobilization and allocation
The leadership necessary to maintain adequate situational awareness, communication,
and span of control in order to promote and protect firefighter and public safety.
Training and career potential for sustaining a professional workforce.
A draft was presented to the group and input was requested. If you have further comments get
them to Dan by May 13. The final document will be presented by Dan and Renae at the May
18th PNWCG meeting. We should expect further direction from PNWCG on this task at this time.
Duty Officers
As activity pickups throughout the nation it is important that dispatch offices have duty officers
available for after hours and weekend coverage. Please share this information with NWC.
Incident Within an Incident
The Operations and IC working groups are working with the IMT’S to standardize incident within
an incident response. As the Dutch Creek protocols are incorporated into the teams medical
plans it is important that we are looking at the same protocols for Type 3,4,5 fires. Work with
your field operation managers to establish processes and ensure that everyone understands
what an incident within an incident response will look like.
Who’ Who in the Zoo Status
We do not have a good database of who’s participating on what committees or cadres. If you
are a participant and would like to share this information please provide it to Katie.
Daily Conference Call
Dan would like to change the format of the daily conference call. He would like it to lend itself to
more strategic thinking and planning. He will send out a new call structure that he would like
everyone to review and provide comments.
Center Manager Mailing List Keeper
Dave Quinn will be the keeper of the current center manager mailing list. Please send any
updates to Dave, Dan or Kathi.
FACT Team Training
Due to budget constraints the FACT team is not going to be able to provide as much onsite
training as they did last year. They would like to hear what our needs are and they will provide
what training they can. Please let Dan know what you would like to see in your local area.
Gina Papke is working fulltime with the ROSS group now. Please call NWC with any ROSS or
contracting questions.
As we add more equipment to the national contract template it will become more challenging
for dispatch centers to manage these resources in ROSS. It was suggested that we fill these
resource requests using “fill with agreement” and not to status them. We will see if there is any
national direction and discuss how we want to move forward with this issue as a region.
A change order was placed with Wildcad to include the new aircraft dispatch form in the
Wildcad. It doesn’t look like this can happen prior to this season and we will need to look at
funding this change order request.
There is potential for the IHC’s that are being dispatched to the Southwest to be mobilized
across the border into Mexico. Before this can happen Agency Administrator approval from the
home unit must be given. A white paper on the process is being written and will be distributed
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