Royal Building Products Grows Revenues

Royal Building Products Grows Revenues
from New Products by More than 50%
New Product Development Case Study
Royal Building Products, a division of Axiall Corporation (NYSE: AXLL, formerly known
as Georgia Gulf Corporation, NYSE: GGC), is a leading manufacturer and distributor of
materials for the home remodeling, building and municipal construction markets in
North America. The company’s commitment to quality, innovation and customer
relationships has attracted the loyalty of a growing number of building professionals,
homeowners, architects, engineers and distributors to its products.
Business Goal
Three years ago, the executive team at Royal Building Products set a strong mandate for
growth through innovation. The goals were to:
 Increase sales of new products from 2% to 16% of total sales within five years
 Improve the commercialization and success rates of new products
 Improve project execution with better cross-functional communication and
activity coordination.
New products from Royal Building
Products: Top: Celect® Cellular Exteriors,
a 100% recyclable exterior siding system
with an innovative interlocking seam;
Bottom: Royal Envelop®, a series of
beautiful window and door surrounds
that add a unique character to any
home, has been a product winner at
Royal Building Products.
To accelerate performance results, Royal Building Products implemented Stage-Gate® using
SG Navigator to help establish an effective and efficient process for bringing new products to
market successfully. Robert Cooper, creator of Stage-Gate, was instrumental in introducing
next generation new product development practices to the top leaders of the company.
Ready-to-Implement Authentic
Stage-Gate Model: SG Navigator
contains 200+ innovation best
practices compiled in an intuitive
and interactive navigational guide
that provides users with an effective
roadmap for taking an idea from
inception to launch.
“We are well on our way
to instilling a culture of
innovation within the
company. The Stage-Gate
process has helped us
overcome some of the
obstacles we were facing
and has allowed us to
focus on meaningful new
products to the market.”
—Jennifer McGill
Group Marketing Manager
Royal Building Products
Additionally, Stage-Gate International consultants and trainers worked closely with Royal
Building Products’ Group Marketing Manager to support the implementation of key initiative
• Implementation of SG Navigator for new product development (i.e., Three-Stage, Five
Gate), for product improvements (i.e., Three-Stage, Three-Gate) and for technology
developments (i.e., Three-Stage, Four-Gate)
Project team training to support the adoption of Stage-Gate and new innovation practices
Gatekeeper training to support executives in their leadership and management of
Central to launching the organization-wide innovation initiative was preserving ‘Royal Building
Products entrepreneurial culture’ while introducing a new level discipline to the new product
development process.
Within three years of implementing SG Navigator, Royal Building Products achieved and
surpassed their ambitious goals:
• Increased new product sales by more than 50% and tripled revenue from new products
(as a percentage of total sales)
• Successfully launched more than 2x as many new products
• Reduced new product development cycle time by more than 50%.
SG Navigator contains 50+ templates,
proprietary methods, and illustrations
to build an organization’s innovation
capabilities, drive effective decision
making, and focus effort on activities
that produce results.