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Cube generator Todd Bradley January 4, 2011 Update • User can now choose geometry at beginning, middle, or end of integra@on period or any combina@on of the three • I have now added in the slit posi@on • Bug no@ced by Greg Holsclaw in UTC variable has been fixed • Other bugs no@ced by Greg dealing with the integra@on @me and et were caused by higher level soHware that I wrote that calls cube generator Rou@ne for running cube generator in a loop • The need to generate large numbers of data cubes can be cumbersome using the gui • I wrote a rou@ne that calls cube generator in a loop • Must have the same desired parameters for each data cube • This has been tested out on rings spectra and Titan spectra • I can make this available on the team site New Version • Upload the new version in February • Upload rou@ne to put cube generator in a loop • Upload users manual