Other Properties

Other Properties
Water sorption of a material represents the amount of water adsorbed on
the surface and absorbed onto the body of material during fabrication and
usage. Usually warpage and dimensional change are associated with high
percentage of water sorption.
It is the time required for the reaction to be completed. If the rate of the
reaction is too fast, the material has a short setting time.
The setting time does not indicate the completion of the
reaction which may continue for much longer time.
It is the term applied to the general deterioration and
change in quality of materials depending on particular
The presence of metallic restorations in the mouth may cause a
phenomenon called galvanic action, or galvanism. This results from a
difference in potential between dissimilar fillings in opposing or adjacent
teeth. These fillings, in conjunction with saliva or bone fluids such as
electrolytes, make up an electric cell. This cell short-circuited, and if the
flow of current occurs through the pulp, the patient experiences pain and
the more anodic restoration may corrode, like gold with amalgam.