Following the success of the ... Warwick Undergraduate Internship Programme (WUIP)

Warwick Undergraduate Internship Programme (WUIP)
Following the success of the last four years, the University will again be running the competitive Warwick
Undergraduate Internship Programme during summer vacation 2016. Warwick undergraduates entering their final
year of study in Autumn 2016 will be given the opportunity to experience either a 4-weeks sustainability-focused
internships from Estates or 8-weeks administrative internships working on a variety of key projects and events.
Host departments are invited to submit internships proposals for the 8-weeks administrative internships. This
document is intended to provide some initial guidance to host departments on the structure of the scheme and the
roles and responsibilities appropriate for an intern, to assist in the preparation of role descriptions for adverts. The
internship scheme will be fully administered by Student Careers & Skills’ Internships Development Team , who can
be reached via x51882 (Project Lead: Laileng Fong).
What is the Warwick Undergraduate Internship Programme?
The first iteration of the Warwick Undergraduate Internship Programme was run in 2012 as a collaboration between
the Deputy Registrar’s Office and Student Careers &Skills. Over the years, its interns have contributed to the work
of the Library, Academic Office, Student Admissions and Recruitment, Warwick Ventures, IT Services, Governance,
Human Resources, Student Careers & Skills, Estates Office and various roles across External Affairs, undertaking
projects ranging from event management to asset management to data analysis, with the purpose of demystifying
HE administration and providing departments with keen, project-focused workers with a fresh perspective. The
2015 cohort was our most successful yet, with an unprecedented 8 of the 12 interns being offered further work by
their host department.
This year, there will be four 4-weeks sustainability-focused from Estates and six 8-weeks administrative internships
which will run from Monday 4th July to Friday 29th July and 26th August respectively. Our interns will be paid at a
rate of £8.83 per hour (inclusive of holiday pay) – a competitive rate for education-related internships. Proposals
will be considered on the following merits, reflecting the programme’s purpose:
Delivers genuine insight into the challenges and rewards of working in higher education administration,
combining specific department/team experience a wider awareness of the University and sector
Gives interns the opportunity to contribute and identify as a colleague first and foremost (although a
student perspective may prove valuable to some roles)
Includes a defined project or projects that require the intern to take ownership over delivery against an
agreed timeline, with appropriate supervision
Provides a well-supported and appropriately managed learning opportunity that includes a full
departmental induction, defined set of internship objectives and regular supervision
Please refer to for more details
about WUIP 2016. Note: the webpages are being developed currently so may not be complete.
Where are we in the process now?
There is funding available for four 4-weeks sustainability-focused and six 8-weeks administrative internship places
– the latter will be distributed across the Senior Officer portfolio according to the availability of suitable projects.
Students have been given the opportunity to register their interest in taking part, with hundreds of students
registering last year and 100+ eligible students expressing interest even prior to this year’s launch. The next stage
in the process is for host departments to produce a ‘role description’ for 8-weeks administrative internships that
matches the above criteria, by 3pm on Wednesday 30th March, for consideration by the WUIP convening panel.
Finalised internships will then be advertised to students, allowing them to apply for a specific position that best
matches their skills and interests and provides the most worthwhile experience for all stakeholders. Students have
been notified that these role descriptions will be available on or around Monday 11th April 2016.
What can interns do?
The internships are not a cheaper alternative to temporary staff and should not be used as such. The internships
offer the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on specific projects and events and to promote the University as
a graduate employer as well as an education provider. Interns should be faced with interesting and developmental
tasks, many of which are expected to be project based considering the duration of the programme. It is suggested
that an intern is assigned one or two main projects, but also given a taster of the overall work of the department
and other smaller projects which allows them to remain engaged in the event that progress on their main project
is delayed due to external factors.
Having an intern is a two-way commitment: they can provide resource, enthusiasm and graduate-level skills to a
department but this is also a development opportunity for the individuals involved and may represent their first
steps in ultimately pursuing a career in Higher Education.
Interns will be expected to work a 36.5 hour week in line with normal office hours. Current information states that
some evening and weekend working may be required dependent on the role, however please discuss this with
Laileng Fong (Internships Development Team) if this is a likely occurrence.
Student Recruitment, Outreach and Admissions Services: Student Recruitment Intern
The internship focussed on conducting a review of Warwick’s digital content aimed at prospective
postgraduate students (across the full range of the University’s digital channels, including webpages, blogs,
videos and social media), and making recommendations based on the findings. The intern’s responsibilities
 Conducting an audit of Warwick’s and other universities’ postgraduate webpages, identifying good
practice and making recommendations for the Warwick approach.
 Drawing knowledge of prospective postgraduate students digital content requirements from
applicant surveys
 Reviewing Warwick’s postgraduate blogs, identifying key themes and recruitment messages.
 Making recommendations about content and concepts for videos targeted at prospective
postgraduates, liaising with Postgraduate Ambassadors and the Digital and Online Communications
 Advising on appropriate content and tone for social media aimed at prospective
Stephen Soanes, Student Recruitment Officer:
“It has helped us work through a large amount of audit work that would have simply not proven feasible
with current staffing. As a result of our intern's work, we are able to make immediate changes to our
websites (esp PG Study); start evaluating options for virtual open days; develop proposals for mentorship;
build on what we know currently works in our tours and external promotion; and explore fixes to the
applicant journey diagnosed through scenario work. And lots more! [Our intern’s] input has made a real
What’s different about the programme this year?
This year’s programme has taken on board feedback asking for more support for first-time Line Managers – you
can expect to be offered pre and mid-programme support from the Internships Development team, with oversight
from the Learning & Development Centre. In contrast to many commercial internships, participants in WUIP will
also receive mentoring and learning support, helping them to effectively prepare for and reflect on their
development throughout the process.
What are the requirements from the host department?
Host departments are requested to engage in the development of the role descriptions for their area. The
internships are intended to represent the true working environment as closely as possible - as such, applicants will
undergo a normal interview process, which could include an accompanying task or presentation (as appropriate).
It is expected that the host departments will be involved throughout this process, to ensure consistency.
Interns will require a line-manager within their host department to oversee their day-to-day work. It should be
highlighted that interns will likely (at least at the beginning of the programme) require a greater level of supervision
or support than may be considered normal for new starters as they enter the professional world, potentially for the
first time.
Previous internships at the University (e.g. the Warwick Graduate Internships scheme, which is currently coming
to a close for the year) have taught us that students undertaking non-research internships at the University have
previously found their transition from an education to a work context confusing, and may need support forming a
new frame of reference in which they have a voice as a colleague within the team – this will be overcome quickly
and should be seen as a feature specific to intern induction, rather than an expected feature of intern performance.
Particularly, it will be important to ensure that interns know who they can ask for help or clarification.
In line with good induction practice, it is also requested that interns be assigned a ‘buddy’ within the host
department - someone to help with the more basic questions and to help them settle in. It is suggested that a halfhour “coffee catch-up” between the two each fortnight, alternating each week with the mentoring session from
the IDT, will provide a friendly, supportive forum for (apparently) “silly” questions, and optimise confidence,
learning and performance. This should be seen as separate to formal line management and supervision.
Interns will be physically based within host departments and therefore it is expected that the host department
arrange suitable working space and equipment (desk and PC). Previously interns have hot-desked for the duration
of their internship – this is an acceptable situation but consideration should be given to how this is managed.
At the end of the internship, each of the participants will give a very short presentation exploring their learning and
development over their time within the Warwick Administration. Colleagues from host departments are highly
encouraged to attend this event.
In summary, host departments are responsible for:
 Job description
 An appropriate portfolio of work and a workstation (hot-desking is acceptable)
 Departmental induction on 5th July 2016 (or longer if necessary)
 Line Management and any additional supervision
 Nominating an informal “buddy” from their team to assist interns with their transition into the Warwick
 Releasing interns to fortnightly 30-minute mentoring meeting with a member of the Internships
Development Team, or an informal catch-up/coffee with their buddy, or other sessions which form part of
the Warwick Undergraduate Internship Programme
 1-hour per week allowance for intern to engage with WUIP forum and blogging
 Releasing interns to graduate job interviews, should these be taking place at that time
 Representation at the WUIP Induction on Monday 4th July & Celebration Event on Friday 26th August.
The Internships Development Team is responsible for induction, payroll, IT accounts, accommodation issues,
learning support and other programme management throughout the scheme.
Support with internship design
The CIPD Internships that Work document is an easy-to-read guide to internships best practice - not only in terms
of the recruitment and evaluation that are already supported by the WUIP process, but also in terms of the content
and delivery of the internship itself. For further support with internship design, the Internships Development Team
are happy to act in a consultancy capacity, as they do for external organisations working with our students. Any
internship design queries, please contact ext: 51882.
Host information sessions
In previous years, some teams have been disappointed when their job description was not included in the final
selection. To assist colleagues in putting together their job descriptions, several information sessions will be
running over the next few weeks, to answer any queries.
Note: we may have to cancel a session if there is no take-up so, please do let us know if you would like to attend
Tues 8th March, 11:00-12:00, Careers Seminar Room, Ground Floor, University House
Tues 15th March, 11:00-12:00, Careers Seminar Room, Ground Floor, University House
Fri 18th March, 12:00-13:00, Careers Seminar Room, Ground Floor, University House
Wed 23rd March, 14:00-15:00, Careers Seminar Room, Ground Floor, University House
Next steps
Please complete the attached Job Description template with your proposed internships details – you need not
complete the person specification until your proposal has been agreed, if you feel that this will delay your proposal’s
submission. Proposals should be submitted for consideration by the WUIP convening panel by 3pm, Wednesday
30th March. All decisions will be made during the week commencing 4th April.
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Summer 1
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Summer 8
Internships, 4-weeks sustainability-focused internships end, 29th
8-weeks administrative internships end
Celebration Event, 26th
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