Poppies & Poetry

Poppies & Poetry
At the Modern Records Centre (MRC), University of Warwick.
To mark the First World War centenary, we are offering a new outreach
activity for schools; Poppies & Poetry uses the emotive and authentic
resources of the MRC to inform your students’ understanding of WWI.
“through its soldier-poets the war has uttered its idealism, its faith, its joy, its dramatic force,
and also its horror, cruelty, and brutal ugliness”
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9 & 10
To familiarise students with primary sources for historic research, and to personalise the history
of WWI. Students are given a hands-on approach to history, developing research and source
analysis skills. They will also explore some WWI poems, both as a literary work and as a historic
Students will work together on activities, improving confidence, communication and group-work
skills. This session also offers an introduction to Warwick University and its resources.
From October 2014
2 hours
Welcome to MRC and its archives, an introduction to the use and effect of poetry during
the war (15mins)
Students will have the chance to explore a selection of archives relating to the First
World War, including personal, first-hand accounts written by soldiers (45mins)
Student will then apply their findings to some WWI poetry. In small groups they will
analyse the content of some poems and compare it to the archive material. The
students will then evaluate how useful poetry is as a historical source (45mins)
Response: evaluation of the day’s activities with sum-up activity (15mins)
Archive materials include photographs, letters, official documents and magazines.
If you would like to book a session, or have any queries, please email Nuala at [email protected]
[Duncan], Poppies, CC BY 2.0