Xavier University of Louisiana BUILD Scholar Application

Xavier University of Louisiana
BUILD Scholar Application
Name: ______________________________________
900#: ______________________________________
Birthday: ____________________________________
Mailing Address: _____________________________
e-mail address: _________________________________
Phone Number: _________________________________
Please note that you have to be a sophomore major in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Physics,
Psychology, Public Health, or Sociology and US citizen or US permanent resident to apply. Students are
expected to work full-time on research projects in Summer 2016 and Summer 2017. Students will not
generally be permitted to take summer classes, but approval will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Major: ___________________
Science/Math GPA (approximate): ___________________
1) From the possible projects described at http://www.xula.edu/build/ , which mentors are you most
interested in working with?
2) List the names of 2 college-level instructors who have agreed to submit a recommendation upon
request along with their email addresses. We will contact these instructors for their reference; you do
not need to include it with this application. (1 should be a lab instructor or your current research
3) Have you completed an Individual Development Plan with the Career Advancement Center? If yes,
please provide a copy with this application.
4) Provide a list of at least five summer research programs you have researched. Include the following:
a. Name of University/Name of program
b. Application due date
c. Application requirements (e.g. CV, personal statement).
5) The BUILD Scholar program requires you to begin research in summer 2016. This will be a 10week, full-time summer research experience starting at the end of May and continuing until the end
of July. You will be expected to be present on campus and work with your research group for 40
hours/week. Please initial here ______ to indicate you understand these requirements and are
available for this 10-week period if selected. Please check the box below that would describe your
housing need for this 10 weeks. Note that the BUILD program cannot pay for housing. Students
selected as BUILD Scholars are expected to use a portion of their stipend to pay for housing. I need
summer housing at Xavier □ OR I already have housing in/near New Orleans □
6) Which of the following statements best describes you (this information is for the purposes of data
___ Neither of my parents or primary caregivers attended any college or university
___ One or both my parents or primary caregivers attended a college or university but did not graduate
___ One or both of my parents or primary caregiver(s) is a college graduate
On a separate sheet, write a personal statement including the following information:
Describe any obstacles you have faced (e.g. personal, educational, and financial) prior to this point
in your educational career.
What are your current career goals?
What challenges do you see in the future as you progress down your desired career path?
What do you hope to gain by participating in the program?
Have you had any research experiences? If so, describe the research project(s) and your role.
Submit application and transcript (will accept Banner Web transcripts) by December 11, 2015 to:
Ms. Amy R. Billizon, M.Ed.
BUILD-Project Pathways
Department of Chemistry
Xavier University of Louisiana
New Orleans, LA 70125
NCF Science Complex 204-G
[email protected]
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