Panther students take 1st place award for the 71st Joint... Conference.

Panther students take 1st place award for the 71st Joint Annual Meeting of the NIS/BKX Honors
Jacinta Ogu and Lucy Uboh received Joint 1st place prize for their presentation on “Autism and
Social Economic Status and their effect on Available Resources in Psychology/Science
Education/Social Science category. “It was an honor and exciting to be given the opportunity to
represent the Psychology Department and our school PVAMU. I also appreciate my advisor Dr.
Wilson for the countless hours he put in to ensure that we were ready and his words of
encouragement. This award is an award for the whole group, we worked together as a family.
According to my advisor, there is a history of success in the department and this award has
continued that success”, PVAMU ABPsi President Lucy Uboh stated.
Numerous students presented and represented Prairie View’s Psychology Department with
excellence and grace. Honors goes out to Undergraduate students Shanai Biggins, Alisha Dalton,
Sable Higgins, Tyione Patterson, Jasper Ross, Taniesha Murray, Akeem Bellard, Jasmine
Thombs, Anjelica Avila and graduate student Natasha Jones.