Student Outcomes Assessment Plan MA Art Education
Over the course of the past two years, the Department of Art has made significant
changes to the structure of the graduate program in art. The MA in Studio Art has been
eliminated and the MA in Art Teaching has been redesigned. As part of this overall
revision, this draft SOA plan was developed. As of yet, no students have been accepted
into the new program and no data has been collected.
Outcome 1-Theories of Art Education
Students will gain knowledge in recent developments in the theory of art education
evident through written work.
Artifacts collected: Writing samples generated in first 10 hours of program.
Outcome 2-Contemporary Art Practice
Students will gain knowledge of contemporary creative approaches through study and
practical experience.
Artifacts collected: Lesson plans and studio projects generated in second 10
hours of program.
Outcome 3-Expanded Teaching Experience
Students will gain experience in the facilitation of creative work in venues beyond the K12 classroom.
Artifacts collected: Journal entries developed in service learning projects.
Outcome 4-Research
Students will gain knowledge of both traditional and current research methods and
Artifacts collected: Writing samples generated in graduate level art history
classes and/or 600: 192 Critical Issues in Contemporary Art.
Outcome 5-Synthesis
Student will demonstrate the ability to synthesize information and knowledge gained
from previously listed outcomes and develop, implement and evaluate a culminating
project. The final project will be evaluated in terms of
Individual Development
Artifacts collected: Thesis paper (see additional rubric used in evaluation).
Rubric for Comprehensive Review of Written Thesis or Special Project
M.A. Art Education
student _______________________________________________________ semester __________________ year______________
Individual Development
Expresses in depth and
thorough understanding of
topic explored; clear and strong
expression in work and ideas;
highly sensitive and open to
responses of others; effective
interpersonal interactions;
ability to initiate inquiry and
discussion; developed
presentation of work
connecting it with both
personal experience and
established research
Expresses adequate
understanding of topic
explored; clear expression in
work and ideas; considers
responses of others;
participates in discussion; sees
the connection between work
presented and its broader
Highly original and inventive
work (creative and/or written);
depth of exploration and
inventiveness; strong sense of
individuality and purpose;
breath and depth of exploration;
sensitive and meaningful
involvement with materials and
artistic processes; strong ability
to use the unexpected as
meaningful learning experience
Research results are
highly relevant and
make a meaningful
contribution toward
enhancing teaching
and learning
Research reveals significant
advancement of understanding;
takes initiative easily; works
independently; generates ideas
and challenges, then pursues
possible solutions; self-motivated;
attentive; works effectively with
teachers, colleagues and students;
is an exemplar for others
Work shows some originality
and inventiveness; individual
effort and contributions are
apparent, yet relies on preestablished practice and
knowledge; some breadth and
depth of exploration; adequate
involvement with materials and
artistic processes
Research results may
be useful in teaching
and learning
situations; adds
mainly to preestablished practice
Research show some advancement
of understanding; takes initiative
sometimes, yet relies on
suggestions of others; able to find
solutions when problem is
presented; makes contributions to
community of teachers and
Unable to clearly explain topic
explored; weak expression of
work and ideas; does not
initiate inquiry or discussion;
does not explain relevance of
work and/or its development
Work does not show originality
or depth of exploration; relies
heavily on pre-existing
knowledge and the experiences
of others; sensitivity toward
materials and artistic processes
is minimal
Research results are
irrelevant to teaching
and learning
situations; no new
approach or
understanding is
Research shows no significant
advancement of understanding;
unable to initiate or pursue ideas;
main motivation is extrinsic; is not
a strong exemplar for teachers
and/or students

Student Outcomes Assessment Plan MA Art Education