Term 1, Week 1

PLEASE NOTE this is a 2013 reading list—the precise content may change in future years.
Term 1, Week 1
Welcome and Introduction to the Module
This week will be devoted to getting to know each other, sorting out seminar groups, and other
administrative matters. We will discuss the broad aims of the module, and issues which it covers and
the literature that supports it. We will also consider the meaning of terms such as ‘gender’,
‘development’ and ‘developing countries’ and explore some of the ways we learn about the areas
that the terms refer to.
Questions for discussion:
What do you understand by the terms ‘gender’ and ‘development’?
What might a gendered approach to development look like compared to more conventional
approaches, and what issues might be raised?
Core Reading
Chant, S. (2010) ‘Gendered Poverty Across Space and Time: Introduction and Overview’ in S.
Chant (ed. 2010) The International Handbook of Gender and Poverty: Concepts, Research,
Policy, Edward Elgar
Elvey, A. (2004) ‘Beyond Sex and Gender…?’, International Feminist Journal of Politics, 6(3)
pp. 436–453
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Restructuring: Old and New Conceptualizations’ in Gender and Global Restructuring:
Sightings, Sites and Resistances, Routledge
Momsen, J. (2010) ‘Introduction: Gender is a Development Issue’ in Gender and
Development, Routledge
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Political Economy, 10(4) pp. 499–521
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Rai, S. M. (2002) ‘The History of International Development: Concepts and Contexts’ in N.
Visvanathan, L. Duggan and L. Nisonoff (eds. 2011) The Women, Gender and Development
Reader – second edition, Zed Books
Shepherd, L. J. (2009) ‘Sex or Gender? Bodies in World Politics and Why Gender Matters’ in L.
J. Shepherd (ed. 2009)Gender Matters in Global Politics, Routledge
Steans, J. A. (2013) ‘Gender in International Relations’ in Gender and International
Relations – third edition, Polity
Zalewski, M. (2010) ‘‘I Don't Even Know What Gender Is’: a Discussion of the Connections
between Gender, Gender Mainstreaming and Feminist Theory’, Review of International
Studies, 36(1) pp. 3–27
Supplementary Reading
Hansen, L. (2009) ‘Ontologies, Epistemologies, Methodologies’ in L. J. Shepherd (ed.
2009) Gender Matters in Global Politics, Routledge
Marchand, M. H. (1996) ‘Reconceptualising ‘Gender and Development’ in an Era of
‘Globalisation’’, Millennium, 25(3) pp. 577–603
Steans, J. A. (2007) ‘Gender Inequalities and Feminist Politics in Global Perspective’ in E.
Kofman and G. Youngs (2007) Globalisation: Theory and Practice, Pinter
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and IR Theorists’,International Studies Quarterly, 41(4) pp. 611–632
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and Approaches in the Post-Cold War Era, Columbia University Press
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Poverty, and Gender in Ethiopia’, Gender & Development, 8(1) pp. 45–54
Zalewski, M. (2009) ‘Feminist International Relations: Making Sense…’ in L. J. Shepherd (ed.
2009) Gender Matters in Global Politics, Routledge
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