Cisco Smart Care Service lets you offer unique and profitable managed... your customers using Cisco tools, resources, and service infrastructure. With...

Cisco Smart Care Service
Increase Your Services Business Through the Power of Collaboration
Partner Data Sheet
Cisco® Smart Care Service lets you offer unique and profitable managed services for
your customers using Cisco tools, resources, and service infrastructure. With Cisco
Smart Care, you can provide comprehensive technical support for the entire network,
ongoing network monitoring, and proactive maintenance, delivered by you and
backed by Cisco.
Modern companies rely on their business networks more than
ever before—and are ever-more vulnerable to the lost productivity
and profitability that can result from a network outage. As
the network becomes the platform for business success in
companies of all sizes, the service and support needs of
businesses are changing. Although device-by-device network
support contracts offer excellent protection for individual devices,
this model does not provide the network-level insight many
businesses now need to help them understand the overall health
and security of their networks—and to identify potential problems
before they arise. As a result, today’s businesses are demanding
more from their technology partners and increasingly viewing
them as extensions of their own IT departments, rather than just
providers of network hardware. Cisco partners who meet these
new service demands can grow their businesses and forge
stronger customer relationships.
The Cisco Smart Care Service is a unique, collaborative services
platform that allows Cisco certified partners to build upon Cisco
networking expertise, methodologies, technical tools, and service
infrastructure to create new, personalized services for their
customers. The service provides you with everything you need
to provide the network-level insight, traditional maintenance, and
proactive network services your customers need and helps you
differentiate your business in today’s environment. With the core
capabilities of the Cisco Smart Care Service, you can provide
your customers with services such as:
• Proactive notifications to simplify the updating of Cisco
• Assess and prepare services to simplify the addition of new
technologies, such as voice, and applications over time
• Disaster recovery services to back up the customer’s
routers, switches, and security solutions to a remote
With these capabilities, your customers can gain much greater
visibility into the health and security of their Cisco networks,
improve their network performance and reliability, and greatly
reduce the time and effort necessary to make sure that their
networks are running optimally.
A Comprehensive Services Platform
The Cisco Smart Care Service provides you with access to
award-winning technical support and Cisco intellectual property
through a unique set of proactive tools and processes designed
specifically for certified partners that empower you to create
ongoing, interactive, and profitable customer relationships. You
also can draw on the Cisco Lifecycle Services framework and
co-marketing tools and resources to complement your existing
services and marketing efforts.
• Next business day (NBD) advance replacement (8x5xNBD)
of Cisco devices with an option to upgrade individual
devices to 4-hour coverage (24x7x4 hour)
At the core of these unique capabilities is the Cisco Smart Care
network appliance, which is available as either a hardware-based
device or a software-based virtual appliance. By default, you
will be given the hardware-based appliance unless requested
otherwise. You can quickly and easily install the Smart Care
appliance in participating customer networks, where it collects
data about all of the devices in the network and securely
communicates that information to Cisco. Cisco analyzes the data
and then proactively notifies you about identified risks or issues.
The appliance also enables communications with a Cisco-hosted
server farm to provide a broad range of proactive assessment
and repair services that allow you to differentiate your business
from other organizations and cement your role as a strategic
business partner.
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• Remote monitoring and repair of a growing variety of Cisco
devices and software applications
• Proactive health checks and assessments of Cisco network
foundation, voice, and security technologies to identify
potential issues
• Technical support for all Cisco hardware and software in the
network with a single, network-wide maintenance contract
Partner Data Sheet
While Cisco Smart Care Service relies on the continual collection
of data about the health of the customer’s network, customers
can rest assured that the service is secure. All data is transmitted from the customer site directly to Cisco over a secure HTTPS
connection. While Cisco and the partner delivering the service
can monitor the status of the network and individual network devices, neither Cisco nor the partner have any access whatsoever
to the data that is passing through the customer’s network.
Improving Differentiation and Profitability
More than simply providing a framework for delivering superior
network support, the Cisco Smart Care Service provides a
platform upon which you can build your own value-added
services to create new, differentiated offerings that are
customized to the unique needs of your customers. For example,
in addition to the core monitoring, assessment, and technical
support service, you could bundle the Cisco Smart Care Service
within a wider service offering that includes:
• Premium-level service desk options
• Periodic consultations to provide detailed expert analysis of
network metrics and recommendations for future planning
benefit from reducing the time and effort that in-house staff must
devote to network maintenance. Each Smart Care service contract
can cover up to 200 Cisco network weighted devices (not
including IP phones), and the customer network must include only
Cisco products that qualify for Smart Care coverage. To find these
products, go to the Cisco Service Quote Upload and Estimates
Tool (
pricing.html) or the Smart Care Pricing Framework (
smartcare_Pricing_QRG.pdf). Customers whose networks include
any excluded product family at the contract’s inception are not
eligible for the service.
The Cisco Smart Care Service encompasses the following tools
and services:
• Cisco Smart Care control panel for easy access to all of the
Smart Care tools and resources
• Service dashboards for at-a-glance network status and
remote monitoring
• Periodic assessment and repair services for ongoing
network health and security
• Management of customer product and service maintenance
contracts and vendor service-level agreements (SLAs)
• Single-use network health and security assessments to
provide assessments as a one-time professional service
or to demonstrate the value of the annual service to
prospective customers
• Full-service remote monitoring and management under
an SLA
• Single-use voice assessments are also available for an
additional cost
• Prepaid professional project services
• Proactive device-level diagnostics, alerts, and remediation
advice for Cisco Smart Call Home-enabled products when
an issue is detected
• Full-service remote backup and disaster recovery planning
Cisco recognizes that you are in the best position to determine the
level and types of services your customers require. Therefore, the
Cisco Smart Care Service provides you with unlimited access to
Cisco intellectual property, tools, and delivery infrastructure to craft
your own unique service offerings for your covered customers.
You determine the type and frequency of the monitoring,
assessment, and repair services you will offer, based on your
customers’ unique needs. Ultimately, you can build innovative
service offerings around your customers’ entire network lifecycle
and create a more sustainable business model that drives higher
profit margins, recurring revenue, and long-lasting relationships.
Even if you already offer customers your own branded remote
monitoring and network assessment services, Cisco Smart
Care Service provides a comprehensive platform to manage
and deliver these services more efficiently and cost-effectively.
Drawing on a wealth of automated tools, web-based delivery
infrastructure, and Cisco co-marketing resources, you can devote
less time and effort to basic remote monitoring and management
functions, and focus those resources on delivering more
advanced and profitable service offerings.
Cisco Smart Care Service Components
The Cisco Smart Care Service is delivered exclusively through
Cisco certified partners and is not available to customers directly
from Cisco. The target audience is businesses who either lack
in-house IT resources with in-depth networking expertise or could
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• Assess and prepare services to simplify adding advanced
• Email alert notifications provide detailed device
and IP information to notify you of any issues in the
customer network
• Proactive notifications to help ensure Cisco devices are
up to date
• Proactive notifications for PSIRTs, which are correlated
with IntelliShield alerts
• Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Assess and Repair
capability* helps ensure that the customer’s IPS devices
have up-to-date signature files and are protecting the
customer’s network as expected.
• Disaster recovery services to remotely back up customer
network configurations
• Tools to deliver comprehensive technical support for
customer networks, in collaboration with Cisco
• Customer management tools to simplify administration
and support
• Business Reports helps you demonstrate service value to
your customers and Network Exception Report helps you
track support activities for network maintenance
*Assumes that the IPS Signature Update service is purchased separately.
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Partner Data Sheet
Cisco Smart Care Control Panel
Once installed, the Cisco Smart Care network appliance provides
the information it collects about the customer network to the
Cisco Smart Care control panel, a hosted web application using
HTTPS. You can then log onto the control panel to easily initiate,
configure, and maintain the service through a variety of online
service dashboards (Figure 1). The Cisco Smart Care control
panel allows you to view the customer’s network; monitor all
devices; view notices and alerts of any identified issues; and
perform actions such as service configurations, upgrades, remote
repairs, and periodic network assessments. The control panel
gives you access to the following service dashboards:
• Discovery Dashboard: When you run discovery for a
customer for the first time, the Discovery Dashboard
provides you with an inventory of all of the devices found in
the customer’s network. Based on this inventory, you can
design and price the appropriate level of service for that
customer. For example, a customer with just basic routing
and switching would use only a subset of the total support
and maintenance services available through the offering,
a customer running advanced Cisco security solutions
would draw on more services, and a customer using Cisco
Unified Communications solutions or Cisco Smart Business
Communications Systems would draw on still more. You
determine the level and frequency of monitoring and
assessment services based on the service delivery model
you choose, as well as the specific needs of your customers.
• Customer Inventory Dashboard: While the information
provided in the Discovery Dashboard can be used to ­design
and quote the service, this dashboard provides more
detailed information about all devices. This inventory will
be used as the basis for providing additional services, such
as network health, security, and voice assessments that
provide your customers with the proactive, network-level
insight they need, and distinguish your offering from other
network support services.
• Availability Dashboard: This dashboard provides you
with ongoing monitoring of the availability of the covered
devices in the customer network. Through this dashboard,
you can specify which devices in the customer network
will be monitored for availability and how often the devices
will be checked. The dashboard provides a percentage of
aggregated up/down time as well as information about the
devices that are the top contributors to downtime.
• LAN and VoIP Services Dashboard: You can access this
dashboard to view information about the customer’s LAN
and (for customers for whom you have enabled VoIP
monitoring) VoIP services, including the overall status,
up/down time, latency, and other details.
• VoIP Network Monitoring Dashboard: For customers
using Cisco Unified Communications solutions, you can
use this dashboard to monitor the basic status of Cisco
Unified CallManager and Cisco Unified CallManager
Express solutions.
• VoIP WAN Performance Dashboard: For customers with
enabled VoIP WAN monitoring, you can use this dashboard
to view information about the customer’s VoIP services,
including available bandwidth, bandwidth usage, and
number of possible calls, including a display of the average
maximum and minimum over a 24-hour period.
Figure 1. Cisco Smart Care Service Control Panel
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Partner Data Sheet
Assess and Repair Services
In addition to comprehensive technical support and ongoing
monitoring services, one of the unique values you can deliver
through the Cisco Smart Care Service is proactive, periodic
assessments of your customer networks. These assessments
are based on discovery and monitoring information collected by
the Cisco Smart Care network appliance and can be delivered
remotely through the appliance. For many issues, such as
configuration errors, Cisco can provide you with the information
about the customer’s network that may help you fix a problem.
Depending on the devices and services the customer is using,
you can offer a variety of periodic, value-added assessment
services, including:
• Basic network health assessment: From the Cisco Smart
Care control panel, you can perform a thorough evaluation
of every supported Cisco router and switch in the network
to help ensure that all device ports and routing protocols
are configured optimally, according to Cisco best practices
(Figure 2). You can make the results of these assessments
available to your customers through branded, customerfacing dashboards. For most identified issues, you can use
the network appliance to perform software updates and
configuration fixes remotely.
• Security assessment: For customers using advanced
Cisco security solutions (such as Cisco adaptive security
appliances, intrusion prevention systems, or advanced
Cisco IOS® Software-based security services), you can
provide a security assessment to evaluate the customer’s
compliance with best practices for security from both Cisco
and the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). This includes
verifying that all devices are using the most up-to-date
software, as well as verifying the configuration of all
devices against 30 Cisco rules for security best practices
(depending on device type) and 80 NSA rules for security
best practices (see Figure 3). As with the basic network
health assessment, you can make the results of these
assessments available to customers through your branded
customer-facing portal.
• Voice Readiness Assessment: By assessing network
voice readiness, you can reinforce your trusted advisor
role to your customers. The assessment provides you with
automated tools to perform voice traffic injection on your
customers’ networks’ and measure the delay, jitter, and
loss. It also provides a mean opinion score (MOS), the
industry-standard scoring criteria for IP voice circuits. From
this data, you may recommend to customers to go ahead
and support voice “as is” or recommend an upgrade path.
To protect your customers, the Cisco Smart Care network
appliance backs up configuration information for your customer’s
network devices, allowing you to restore any device to its previous configuration after a remote repair, if necessary. In addition, the Cisco Smart Care Service includes a failsafe feature
that allows your technicians to remotely interact with and repair
network devices manually using Telnet or Secure Shell (SSH)
Protocol, further reducing the need to dispatch technicians to
the customer site.
Assessments can serve as an opportunity to offer the customers
new ideas and strategies to improve their capabilities and network performance—leading to new product and services sales.
Single-Use Network Health, Security and
Voice Assessments
A service plan based on the Cisco Smart Care Service can
provide the most value to your customers (and your own
business) as an annual service contract. Cisco Smart Care
also provides the flexibility to deliver assessments as a onetime professional service. This capability allows you to offer a
compelling, revenue-generating service even to those customers
who are not ready to commit to an annual contract.
Figure 2. Customer Device Inventory Dashboard
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Partner Data Sheet
You can purchase a single-use assessment for a customer’s
network for up to 60 days. Options include a basic health
and security assessment or an assessment that includes an
evaluation of VoIP capabilities and performance as well. In
addition to generating revenue for the one-time assessment
project, these single-use assessments provide a powerful sales
tool to highlight the value of the annual service. By pointing out
the security vulnerabilities, uncovered devices, and other issues
in the customer’s actual network, you can demonstrate exactly
the kind of network visibility and peace of mind the customer will
realize with the full service.
Assess and Prepare Services
In addition to providing periodic assessments of your
customers’ networks, you also can use the innovative Cisco
Smart Care Service tool suite to offer proactive assessments
of the network’s readiness to support new technologies, such
as Cisco Unified Communications solutions. Cisco surveys
have shown that customers that have presales assessments
of their network’s ability to support voice before deploying
Unified Communication solutions are much more likely to be
satisfied with the solution than those that do not. For customers
considering implementing Cisco Unified Communications, you
can use the Cisco Smart Care network appliance to perform
a comprehensive analysis of the customer network to assess
whether it meets the bandwidth, quality-of-service, processing
power, and other requirements necessary to effectively deliver
voice services. The assessment provides you with automated
tools to perform voice traffic injection on the customer network
and measure the delay, jitter, and loss. The tool also provides
a mean opinion score (MOS), the industry-standard scoring
criteria for IP voice circuits. You can then provide the customer
with a detailed report highlighting all of the steps that must be
taken to help ensure a successful implementation. For customers
who have deployed Unified Communications solutions, you
can continue to monitor and assess network voice services
on a scheduled or on-demand basis. Ultimately, these tools
allow you to sell, implement, and support advanced Unified
Communications services more successfully, while reinforcing
your role as a trusted advisor.
Customizable Alerts
In addition to alerting your technicians about possible issues
through the Cisco Smart Care Service control panel, you can
configure the service to send an email or text message alert
whenever a problem arises in a customer network. These alerts
provide detailed serial numbers and device IP addresses to help
you identify and mitigate issues more quickly and accelerate
the time to resolution. With the ability to notify technicians
anywhere, anytime about an issue, you can eliminate the need to
continuously monitor Smart Care Service dashboards, reducing
your costs to support the service. The Cisco Smart Care
alerting system can even integrate with customer relationship
management (CRM) and trouble-ticket applications that support
email case input capability.
Proactive Notifications
Based on a customer’s unique device inventory, the Cisco Smart
Care Service’s hosted portal will notify you if there is an issue
with any Cisco device in the customer’s network. For example,
if the customer is using a device that has reached end of life,
the service will notify you. You can then bring the issue to the
customer’s attention and allow the customer to address it before
it can affect their business. In addition, the proactive notifications for PSIRTs are correlated with IntelliShield (IS) alerts, which
provide in-depth security vulnerability information beyond just
the PSIRT alert (see Figure 4). The information will be correlated
with industry-standard security metrics and scores and recommended corrective actions will be sent to you. Cisco Smart Call
Home-enabled and registered devices perform proactive diagnostics, and deliver alerts and remediation advice when an issue
is detected. Partners can log into the Smart Call Home Portal to
Figure 3. Security Assess and Repair Dashboard
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Partner Data Sheet
review diagnostic messages, recommendations, and inventory
information to identify and resolve issues faster. From this actionable intelligence, you can assess and mitigate potential security
issues identified in your customers’ networks, avoiding potential
disruptive IT attacks. You save significant time and effort, and are
given another opportunity be your customers’ trusted advisor
and increase loyalty.
IPS Signature Update
When customers invest in IPS solutions, they expect their network
to be continually protected against a broad range of Internet
attacks and security vulnerabilities. IPS solutions, however, rely on
having up-to-date signature sets to identify the latest and most
dangerous threats. If a customer’s IPS signatures are out of date
or configured improperly, the network may be vulnerable.
The IPS Signature Update capability proactively verifies supported
customer IPS devices and reports any detected vulnerabilities. It
automatically identifies all eligible devices in the customer network,
checks whether the signature files on those devices meet Cisco
recommended standards, and reports the vulnerability status of
each device. The service identifies issues such as whether:
• IPS is enabled on the device
• IPS signature version is correct and up-to-date
• IPS license is installed and valid
• The device is configured to automatically upgrade
IPS signatures
• The device has enough physical and Flash memory to
run IPS signatures
Partners have the option to select individual devices on which
to run the service that they can run on demand or schedule
periodically. On supported devices, the tool can even replace
an older IPS signature version with the recommended version.
Ultimately, partners can make sure that their customers are
realizing the most value from their IPS and Cisco security
investments, while solidifying their own role as the customer’s
trusted security advisor.
Disaster Recovery Services
You can help your customers make sure of business continuance in the event of a major outage with the Cisco Smart Care
Service’s disaster recovery features. The appliance has the
ability to back up your customers’ device configuration information for all Cisco routers, switches, and security devices running
Cisco Catalyst® OS, Cisco IOS Software, and Cisco Security
Device Manager. These features provide a compelling selling
point and can serve as the beginning of a larger discussion with
your customers about disaster recovery planning. Such discussions strengthen your status as a trusted advisor while providing
opportunities for new product and service sales.
Comprehensive Technical Support
Cisco provides you with everything you need to deliver comprehensive technical support to your customers. While you serve
as the sole point of contact if your customers have a problem,
you have 24x7 access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center
(TAC) to open service requests on their behalf, if necessary
for Level 2+ support calls. The service also includes Cisco
IOS ­Software updates and upgrades for all of your customers’ covered Cisco devices and ongoing application software
maintenance updates. In the event that a Cisco device must be
replaced, the base service includes NBD advanced hardware­
replacement directly to the customer, which allows them to
quickly receive a replacement device without having to wait until
the defective equipment is returned. If the customer chooses,
you also have the flexibility to upgrade individual devices to
premium 4- hour parts replacement coverage. When purchasing
the service, your customers also gain a wealth of Cisco tools and
resources through registered access to
Figure 4. PSIRT Correlated with IntelliShield Alert
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Partner Data Sheet
Customer Management Tools
Comprehensive information about customer networks is available
only to Cisco partners through the Cisco Smart Care control
panel. However, you can make some of this information available
to your customers through a customer-facing online dashboard
branded for your organization. Through the Cisco Smart Care
Control Panel, you can configure dashboards for your customers
that provide only the information you specify, including specific
dashboard views, services, and notifications. You can customize
these customer dashboards by adding your own logo, header,
footer, contact information, and other branding.
In addition, you also can use the Cisco Smart Care control panel
to open service requests with Cisco on behalf of your customers
to resolve issues that are discovered through the course of the
service that require additional assistance from Cisco.
You can also use Smart Care reports, to share information
with customers about the state of their network. The monthly
business report delivers detailed information on support activities
performed on the customer’s network, which you can use to
demonstrate the value delivered by the service.
Assessments can serve as an opportunity to offer the customers
new ideas and strategies to improve their capabilities and network performance—leading to new product and services sales.
A Simplified Pricing Approach
The Cisco Smart Care Service is based on a pricing approach
that is both simple and easy to administer. Through the Cisco
Smart Care network appliance, Cisco can discover most of
the devices on the customer network and automatically add
them to the service contract, reducing the operational costs
associated with contract ordering and administration. Cisco
Smart Care integrates smoothly with the Cisco Services Quote
Together, these capabilities allow you to provide your
­customers with continuous, network-wide care and
­improvement that:
• Deliver unprecedented visibility into network performance
• Provide information to better manage and improve
the network
• Reduce the time and effort necessary to keep the network
running optimally
Upload and Estimates (QUE) system to expedite and support
tracking of estimating and ordering processes. Cisco also
continually updates the contracts, simplifying contract changes
and renewals.
The service’s predictable pricing model allows you to quickly
determine what your cost from Cisco will be by answering a
few simple questions about the customer through the Cisco
Smart Care control panel. Cost is determined by three factors:
the number of devices on the network, the types of applications
and devices that reside on the network, and the number of
devices that have been upgraded to premium 4-hour advance
replacement coverage. The service also uses 10 fixed pricing
bands when factoring the number of devices, so the price of
the service will not change each time you add a device with
basic advance replacement coverage to the network—lowering
the administrative burden for both you and your customer.
The service’s voice pricing levels also are aligned to channel
specializations, so you know ahead of time which products in the
network will change the assigned price level.
Transforming Your Customer Relationships
As the network becomes increasingly central to the success
of your customers their needs from a services perspective are
changing. The Cisco Smart Care Service lets Cisco certified
partners deliver comprehensive, network-level support and
unique, proactive maintenance services through a single
maintenance contract. With this innovative network services
platform, you can combine Cisco intellectual property, delivery
infrastructure, and tools with your own value-added capabilities
in a unique offering customized to your customers’ needs. As a
result, you can provide your customers with a superior service
experience, while improving your own business’s profitability and
Additional Information
For more information about the Cisco Smart Care Service, visit:
Cisco Smart Business Architecture for Midsize Networks
Cisco Collaborative Services
• Verify that the network is secure and efficient
• Allow customers to foresee potential problems before they
affect their business
• Protect customers’ business continuity and help them
more rapidly recover from a disaster
• Combine the complementary strengths of Cisco and its
certified partners into a single offering to deliver the best
of both worlds
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Partner Data Sheet
Business Benefits
he Cisco Smart Care Service provides an innovative, networkwide services platform that provides you with the following
• Improved profitability: Offering a service plan based on Cisco Smart Care Service helps you simply and quickly evolve more
of your customers to a business model that focuses on providing customer solutions that are based on ongoing, predictable
service revenue streams, rather than reactive transactions. With greater visibility and insight into your customers’ networks,
you can better understand their needs, helping you to drive increased adoption of advanced technologies and higher attach
and renewal rates for your services. The service also provides simplified access to Cisco intellectual property, delivery
infrastructure, ordering and estimating tools, and resources that allow you to bring new services to market at lower cost and
with less risk and time investment.
• Differentiation: With this service, you can complement your current services portfolio with a unique combination of both
traditional maintenance services and proactive services delivered in collaboration with Cisco. You also can use the Cisco
Smart Care Service as a platform to create unique services that are customized to your customers’ needs, distinguishing
your offering from other organizations serving this market.
• Long-term customer loyalty: The service allows you to improve the ongoing health, security, and availability of your
customers’ networks and to expand upon your role as a trusted strategic advisor. Tools such as remote monitoring, inventory
management, diagnostics, remediation, and repair provide ongoing customer value that makes you indispensable.
• Business growth: The service provides you with a foundational platform, upon which you can launch new personalized
services that facilitate ongoing, long-term relationships with your customers. The service provides a means to grow your
business for both selling add-on services to existing Cisco networking solutions and generating sales for Cisco products,
solutions, and services to new customers.
• Reduced costs: The Cisco Smart Care Service allows you to provide better customer service at a lower cost. The service’s
web-based remote monitoring, alerting, management, and remediation tools allow you to remotely manage multiple
customers from a single location, keeping your skilled IT staff off the road and available for other priorities. In addition, the
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greatly reduce
the administrative
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Pte. Ltd. model, and auto-renew
Cisco Systems, coverageCisco
The Netherlands
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CAand costs necessary to serve
your customers. You also gain access to Cisco
technical support expertise to aid in the
cases thatAddresses,
need prompt
Cisco has
more than
offices worldwide.
numbers, and fax numbers are listed on the Cisco Website at
• Increased visibility: You gain visibility that can generate demand for your services through Cisco marketing tools, website
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The use
of the
partner does not
any other company.
like you. With these identifiers and marketing tools, you can give your
customers the confidence that they have the backing of Cisco behind the services you are providing.
In addition, Cisco continues to invest in enhancing our partners’ overall end-to-end experience with Cisco Smart Care Service.
You can invest in Cisco Smart Care Service with the confidence that Cisco is continually striving to make sure that the platform
will deliver outstanding value, to both partners and their customers, in the future.
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