You're invited to the launch of Louis Druehl's new book...
A community turned upside-down by
the social changes of the 1970s. Seen
through the eyes of a young man newly
fled from his straight-laced Dutch
upbringing, the fishing village of
Bamfield on Vancouver Island’s pristine
west coast is the unlikely meeting place
of an uneasy mix of fishermen, the Dog
Salmon whaling clan, hippies, drug
peddlers, and the scientists and students
of the Bamfield Marine Station.
Like a cross between The Beachcombers,
The Nature of Things, and Up In Smoke,
Bamfield BC author Louis Druehl has
crafted a brilliantly authentic West Coast
novel. Expertly and beautifully written, the
book absolutely drips with soggy coastal
flavour...I could taste the salt air, and
picture the harbour, ocean and land where
so much of the action in this wonderfully
gritty book is set.
CBC Broadcaster and Award-Winning Author of
Adventures in Solitude and Lonely End of the Rink
Louis Druehl is the editor of The New
Bamfielder newspaper and author of the
bestselling book, Pacific Seaweeds. As a
marine botanist, he helped to establish
the Bamfield Marine Station, where he
also taught and conducted research.
Wednesday, February 25, 2015, 6-9 pm
Bard and Banker Public House
1022 Government Street, Victoria

You're invited to the launch of Louis Druehl's new book...