You are invited to the Vancouver launch of bestselling
author Louis Druehl's first novel . . .
Ian Tan Gallery
2321 Granville Street
Tuesday November 10 2015
5 to 7 pm
Cedar, Salmon and Weed is a tale of
1970’s Bamfield with its biologists,
hippies, fishermen, natives, and endof-the-roaders. Reminiscent of
Steinbeck’s Cannery Row, this unique
Vancouver Island story explores the
conflicting lives of conservative
villagers and invading “transient young
people.” Great characterization, young
love, but minimal sex and violence,
some piracy, dealing, marine science
and loitering await you.
"Like a cross between The Nature of
Things, The Beachcombers, and Up In
Smoke, Bamfield author Louis Druehl
has crafted a brilliantly authentic west
coast novel. Expertly and beautifully
written, the book absolutely drips with
soggy coastal flavour."
Louis Druehl is the editor of
The New Bamfielder newspaper
and author of the bestselling book,
Pacific Seaweeds. As a marine
botanist, he helped to establish
the Bamfield Marine Station.
CBC Broadcaster and Award-Winning Author of
Adventures in Solitude and Lonely End of the Rink

You are invited to the Vancouver launch of bestselling