Communications Checklist

Communications Checklist
1) Critical Success Factors for a Change Communications Plan:
The critical questions an individual wants answered are: (The 4 P’s)
 What does the change look like? – PICTURE
 Why do we need to change? – PURPOSE
 How will we get there? – PLAN
 How will this impact on me? – PART
“) Communications Message Checklist:
1) Who is the target audience for this message?
2) What is the precise objective of this message? e.g to inform/get views?
3) What do I want to get across?
4) What do they know already?
5) What language does the target audience traditionally use?
How effective would a metaphor or story be in getting a message
across? (Think about the preferences of your audience. Do they engage
with data, a compelling argument, a vision of the future).
7) What do I want to happen as a result of the communication? (Consider
changes in thinking/behaviour)
8) How will the message help move individuals on in the change process?
9) What response do I anticipate?
10) What questions are they likely to ask?
11) What is the best way to get this message across?
12) What is the best time to communicate?
13) Will everyone have access to this message?
14) Does the message need testing?
15) Is the message I am conveying being communicated honestly?
16) How can they find out more after the announcement?
17) How will the effectiveness of the message be measured?