Dignity at Warwick Wednesday 18 November 2015 Dignity in Mental Health

Dignity at Warwick
Wednesday 18th November 2015
The theme of the event is Dignity in Mental Health
Here are some top tips on how to ensure Dignity in Mental Health
Join in the conversation around dignity in mental health http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/equalops/dignityatwarwick2015
Be respectful around
mental health and
conscious of the
language you use, Do not
use words like:
If you are concerned about a colleague,
take the time to ask if they are ok. Take
some time out of your day to go for a
walk or have a chat over a cup of tea – it
can make all the difference to
someone’s day.
What you perceive to be
a joke may not be funny
to others around you.
Build a respectful
If you feel you need more
guidance on understanding
mental ill health – attend the
Mental Health Awareness course,
available through the Equality &
Diversity webpages.
Encourage an ethos where staff
know it is OK to talk about
mental health – it will help to
reduce the stigma
Keep in touch during sickness absence
to offer support and plan for return to
work. Consider a neutral space (such
as a café).
Do you know someone who
is experiencing mental ill
Send them a card or see if
they would like you to visit –
mental ill health is no
different to any other
physical illness.
Develop a work culture where everyone
is treated with respect and dignity and
issues such as bullying and harassment
are not tolerated.
Let’s stamp out the stigma on Mental Health