Add-on: Mobile Client
The fastest mobile app, period. Only Ocularis can mobilize
16 HD streams on any approved iPad and iPhone models,
at the highest frame rate the industry has ever seen
Plays like an HD
movie over regular
cellular network
Mobilize your
Correction, make that 16
HD movie streams,
simultaneously, over
your 3G/4G network
Monitor and control
individual cameras while
on the move, in your car,
or on the beat
Streaming (HDIS)
See what happened, not
just what’s happening
now. Play, rewind, pause
and zoom-in to any
camera, any time
Ocularis Mobile uses a breakthrough video delivery solution that enables delivering up to 16 high-definition video streams to
browser-based or mobile video clients over low-speed connections. Streams are delivered at full resolution (megapixel or standard
resolution) and at each camera’s original frame-rate (even 30 fps), with full control over each camera for playback and digital zoom-in.
Using High Definition Interactive Streaming, or HDIS, technology, Ocularis Mobile puts you in control over your entire camera array – HD,
megapixel or standard definition, simultaneously, live or playback, with no reduction in image quality or frame-rate. All of this is achieved
while operating on a low-speed network connection, without needing to install any software on the client computer. What you get is
beautiful, smooth video from multiple megapixel cameras directly to your browser or mobile app.
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The fastest mobile app, period. Only Ocularis can mobilize