REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) meeting notes

Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) meeting notes
October 19, 2007
In attendance: Tim Flanagan, committee chair; Ray Kingsbury, Mike Mendoza, Mark
Winter, Todd Olsen, Paul Agpawa, Bill Connors, Michael Bailey, Stephen McCollum (by
phone CRDN), David Maki (by phone CRMC), Joe Porras, Tricia Hawkins, Erik
Sorensen, Steve Brown, Ron Katz, Nanico Coelho, Ginger Felt (meeting notes)
New members of the committee were introduced and given a copy of the Committee
Responsibilities which was distributed at the previous meeting. Tim introduced Joe
Porras, District Consultant for the construction projects. Joe distributed plans for the
Nursing and Dental remodels, the new Student Union, including an architectural drawing
of the building, and a site plan for the projects. Joe said the plans that were included in
the Facilities Master Plan distributed at the last meeting were up to date at the time it was
put together, but because the projects are moving on a fast track, the plans change almost
daily. Additionally, faculty and staff may want to move things around, but the buildings
will basically be the same size at the same location. Each month Joe will put up the
newest set of plans at that time. The handouts distributed today will be sent to Stephen
and David at the centers, and in the future printed material, including screens, will be sent
out a week in advance of the meetings along with the current plans. Tim asked members
to replace the existing plans in their copies of the Facilities Master Planning Documents,
formerly known as the Facilities Master Plan, with these updated plans for which he
distributed new cover sheets.
The nursing remodel will encompass the space that formerly housed the old electronics
and networking labs in the AT building; a wall will be removed to make one larger space.
The remodel will include a computer-driven simulation classroom/lab in which students
can experience what they might encounter in a more populous area with larger hospitals.
The lab will be available to people out in the community, as well. This remodel is
underway and will hopefully be completed by the end of the year, and by spring semester
the space will be occupied.
Joe presented the demolition plan for the existing Dental area, as well as the new floor
plan, which will expand into the old nursing area. Very few of the existing walls will
remain. Tricia inquired about plans to recycle materials that are removed. Joe said there
is asbestos in the walls; an abatement team will be called in to strip the walls. He said we
will recycle what we can, such as water lines. The plan will go to the Division of the
State Architect (DSA) at the end of this month or early next month. The DSA reviews
plans for structural integrity, life safety, ADA compliance and checks all the specs.; this
holds true for all projects. The project will then go to out to bid, and work should begin
in the spring, and be finished by fall semester. We will be able to use the existing dental
chairs in the remodeled area, as they are fairly new and accommodate both right and lefthanded users, as well as being ADA accessible. This plan only shows the existing
windows. As we move forward, we’ll be talking to staff to get their input as to placement
FPC meeting notes
October 19, 2007
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of additional windows. At Tricia’s request, Joe will provide a set of plans, specifications,
and a copy of the contract for the committee’s review.
Our architect was given the direction that although the LRC is a steel, modernistic
building, we don’t want a whole village of that type of buildings. The LRC needs to
stand on its own since it’s a point place where people come to get technology or that type
of information. The Student Union and other buildings that we will be designing will be
much like the drawing. Joe has asked for skylights to get natural light into the building.
The Student Union will offer outside dining, and will house the bookstore, student
government, multicultural activities, and a small conference room, comparable in size to
the small Lakeview room. Solar panels were discussed, but would not be cost effective at
this time. Joe will meet with PG&E on Monday to explore available programs, rebates,
Todd expressed concern that this is the Facilities Master Planning committee, these
buildings will be paid for with Measure Q funds, and we don’t even know how much it is
going to cost. He is very concerned that the state has agreed to pay for the buildings, but
nothing that goes into the buildings; he doesn’t see the financial plan for how we’re going
to spread and stretch Measure Q funds all the way to the end of the project. This
committee should be talking about the big picture, as well, in terms as is this what we
really want to do; money that we spend on this building is going to come from the 40
million dollars, and shouldn’t we be making decisions about how much money we spend
here that is going to take away from instructional resources? At what point does faculty
get to have input; it seems like this committee should be the forum to do so.
Joe presented a schedule for the projects. He said that in the planning process, they
didn’t look at one at a time; they looked at the whole scheme of things. The Del Norte
and Mendocino Coast projects are finishing up, and they are coming in under budget.
The state is paying about 30 million dollars for the new Academic building, and we have
already put in about one million dollars in furniture and equipment out of the 40 million
already locked into the project. As we move through the projects, and we glean money
back out, that money will be put back into the pot to be used at the end for whatever else
we may need. There is money available to make small improvements, such as carpet for
room CA 113. We need to sit down and decide what we want to do, and can then do
these things as we need to.
Joe gave an overview of the events leading up to how we arrived at the point that we are
now with the state requiring that we rebuild these existing buildings on new sites. The
California Geological Survey (CGS) sent us a letter which states that we are in the
Alquist Priolo zone; the law states that you can’t build within 50 feet of an earthquake
fault, and CGS’ conclusion was that the best mitigation is avoidance. The Board
approved the new construction plan, and all of the projects are now approved for funding.
FPC meeting notes
October 19, 2007
Page Three
At Todd’s request, Joe will provide a copy of letter from CGS for the committee’s
Stephen – The project at the Del Norte center is basically to the point where it’s winding
down; the new construction and remodel of the interior space of the existing building is
done. The heating system is more complex, but the project will be completed by winter,
and ready for spring semester.
David – Mendocino Coast has three new classroom spaces, and a large classroom was
created in the Art building interior out of three small ones. This project will be
completed by the end of the year.
Tim has placed a copy of the Negative Declaration on reserve in the LRC; this will also
be posted on the website. Committee agendas and meeting notes will be posted in the
Outlook public folders.
The next meeting of the FPC will be held on Friday, November 9, 9:00-10:00, in the CTE
Conference Room.