Employee’s Guide SICKNESS ABSENCE- Department: 3. Before you return to work

Sickness Management Policy
Department Notification Procedure
Appendix A
1. How to report sickness
3. Before you return to work
1.1 Notify the person specified in 1.3 below as soon as possible on the
first day of absence, normally by telephone and within 1 hour of your
designated start time.
3.1 You must telephone your manager as soon as you know when you
will be returning to work (at least the day before you intend to return)
so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
1.2 Generally you will be expected to make the contact yourself but if
your illness prevents you from making the call yourself please
arrange for somebody to act on your behalf to notify the Department
3.2 If you have been off long term sick and/or or are returning on a
phased return to work then a Phased Return to Work Plan may be
developed to outline the details of your return and highlight any
restrictions to your work. This would consider any advice detailed on
the Statement of Fitness to Work.
1.3 Telephone X on (provide full external number)* and give the
following information:
 your name
 reason for your absence (this will be recorded on Part A of the
 how long you are likely to be absent
 any operational issues that may need picking up by colleagues
*NB If X does not answer, DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE - phone Y
instead on (provide full external number)
2. During your sickness absence
2.1 If your absence continues, contact your line manager regularly to let
him/her know how you are, when you are returning to work, or when
you are next seeing your doctor. The contact periods will normally be
in agreement with your manager, particularly during the first week. If
you have a medical certificate (Statement of Fitness to Work) you
should contact your manager towards the end of the certificate
2.2 Remember to submit a Medical Certificate (Statement of Fitness to
Work) if you are absent for more than 7 days in a row including
Saturday and Sunday.
April 2010 v2
4. Return to Work
4.1 Let your manager/ supervisor know immediately when you have
returned to work.
4.2 Your manager or supervisor will, if appropriate, carry out a Return to
Work Discussion either just before or as soon as possible on your
return. This will involve assessing any advice on the Statement of
Fitness to Work, the impact on your fitness to work, any changes
required, or support needed, reasons for your absence and
understanding if any further treatment or absence is expected.
(Further information on Return to Work discussions is detailed in
section 6 of the Sickness Management Policy.)
4.3 You will be asked to complete a self-certificate for the first 7 days of
absence and submit a medical certificate (Statement of Fitness to
Work)) on the 8th day of absence, in line with your conditions of
If you have any queries regarding the Sickness Management
Policy please contact your line manager or link HR Adviser.