College of the Redwoods Student Success Leadership Group Wednesday, September 18, 2013 Notes

College of the Redwoods
Student Success Leadership Group
Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Present: Keith Snow-flamer, Cheryl Tucker, Erin Wall, Sheila Hall, Joe Hash, Robert Ekholdt, Lynn
Thiesen, Tracey Thomas, MaryGrace McGovern, Jeff Cummings, Crislyn Parker-support.
1. Interim AP 4021:
 The AP 4021 task force committees will be finalized at end of day. Lynn, Sheila, Cheryl and
Tracy were requested to serve on the task forces. The process is expected to have closure within
60 days; then, in collaboration with the Academic Senate, interim policy 4021 will be evaluated
for development of a permanent policy.
2. Accreditation Update (Jeff Cummings)
 The draft follow-up report was sent to all with a link for review and comment. The
accreditation group will meet, discuss comments, and finalize by Thursday, September 26; the
report will be on the October board agenda, and upon approval, sent to ACCJC.
 Working on substantive change issues.
 Jeff is developing a matrix that includes individuals and positions responsible for accreditation
sub-standards. Our next step is to maintain full compliance with all standards. Jeff is looking at
models from other schools.
 Note: In the past, faculty wrote the follow-up report; this year administration took the lead.
Various pieces went to the appropriate committee for feedback. The report is confirmation of
what we have done.
3. Commencement Schedule
 All constituencies agreed to move the Mendocino commencement from Sundays to Fridays; the
same as Del Norte; and cycle the President and VPs annually.
4. Revised FON (Faculty Obligation Number)
 FON (number of full time faculty CR is obligated to have for student success), for Fall 2013 is
62.1. The projected FON for 2014 is 61.1. (Final FON for Fall 2012 was at 81.1.) FON
compliance must be considered in full-time faculty hiring discussions for the next year, and is
important in decision-making when looking at retirements.
 Faculty prioritization conversations will be on allocating faculty to areas where students most
need them.
5. Canceled Classes/Room Change Notifications
 A request will be made for Tiffany to send out a more broad-based email for cancelled courses,
including directors and assist directors of special. Recommend students having issues with
cancellations to see an advisor immediately.
 A suggestion was made to review the paper census process, which can take as long as a week
and is subject to faculty responsibility for reporting. Lynn will put in a ticket to evaluate the
possibility of moving this to Datatel.
6. Standing Item: Planning Update:
3.1. Timeline:
 The deans’ recommendation is that program review groupings remain the same with the
exception of History (not social science but humanities). PRC had discussed taking art out of
fine arts grouping because of the transfer degree.
Presenter: 1497189 College of the Redwoods
Student Success Leadership Group
Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Note: AAT’s are degrees, not programs. There was discussion to develop a structure around
the grouping process for next year; how a department or group requests formally to change or
realign PR groupings. Changes would require criteria and an application process would
precede the annual PR review process. PRC would make recommendations to administration.
Faculty prioritization is a district-wide process; site directors do not have role.
3.2. Annual Plan:
3.3. Area Report-Outs:
 Sheila: A number of counselors from middle high schools are invited to CR. Transfer Night
and CR College night is coming up. CR is participating in the … the Wharfinger;
Community Ed is pairing with the job market.
 Lynn and Tina Wahlund are going to Mendocino, Wednesday, September 25.
 MaryGrace: DE group meeting is Thursday, September 19. The Committee developed student
complaint form for online instructors; and discussing how to deal with these instructors. They
are discussing and looking for consistency in student conduct and instructor policies; and for
accreditation, a process for complaints and resolution needs to be documented.
 The Library having issues with services and wants and needs for students; especially for Del
Norte and Mendocino Coast.
 They are looking to improve printing options for students in library. It would help if faculty
and/or others should leave a note or inform the deans or MaryGrace when equipment is not
working in the LRC classrooms.
 Jeff: Continue to message positive achievements. Focus on having an avenue for faculty and
students to air grievances.
4. Future Agenda Items
Presenter: 1497189