College of the Redwoods Student Success Leadership Group

College of the Redwoods
Student Success Leadership Group
Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 8:30am - 9:30am
Present: Keith Snow-Flamer, Trish Blair, Rachel Anderson, Anita Janis, Jeff Cummings, Joe Hash,
Pat Girczyc, MaryGrace McGovern, Cheryl Tucker, Crislyn Parker-notes
1. Enrollment Strategies for Senate Discussion
 At the Friday, 4/19 senate meeting, Keith will discuss: summer strategies including HSU class
offerings; schedule update with section comparisons; compliment associate faculty who are
stepping up and taking on more for summer, and President Smith for personally promoting CR
at the high schools.
 Joe Hash will reach out to select faculty to participate in promoting CR at high school public
relations activities.
2. Review and revise Enrollment Management Plan
 Per Sherrie Guerrero at Chaffey College, if they are short on FTES, they add a section(s), and
get enrollments; not how it works for us. Keith believes the SSLG needs to look at enrollment
management FTES targets and strategies and bring a draft to the EMC in the fall. We are still
short FTES for fall. Health Occ. has a new nutrition program for fall going through curriculum
this month.
 We have to plan differently for future year schedules, as well as bring in DN and KT more
closely. Biggest challenge is finding instructors for those areas.
3. CRC Recommendations
 Based on the recommendations, are we reducing committees or just shifting them around; and
who will be ultimately responsible for the final committee composition?
 The discussion is that the recommendations are a good starting point, but broader discussion is
needed within all committees targeted. President Smith asked whether we need both faculty and
administrative co-chairs on all committees.
 Committee membership represents constituencies, and most information is repeated in various
committees. Committees should exist to do work based on the strategic and annual plans, not to
“communicate.” This should be the canvass for discussion.
 Next steps discussed:
o Committees are components of the function of the institution so determine the fundamental
functions of the institution. Leadership and the strategic plan should dictate the overall
structure, and committees/membership should be aligned.
o Bring the CRC recommended “blended” groups together for discussion/recommendations,
then send those recommendations to expanded cabinet.
o No common place where people can meet and communicate; everyone is isolated; no
standards for communications.
 Cheryl noted HSU committee chairs clarify: here is how many time we meet and why; if
discussion drifts, the chairs refocus the group, “we are here just to…”.
 This group will discuss the broader scale for the intuition at the next meeting (April 24).
Suggested everyone look at what might be a good model for us follow from other institutions.
4. Expanded Cabinet Discussion: - not addressed
Presenter: 4115746
5. Summer Staff Development for SSLG/Division Chairs Summer – Keith will send a draft org chart
to the group
6. SSLG: Solutions to Leadership/Operational Gaps – not addressed
7. Added: Garberville – not addressed
7. Other/Future Agenda Items
 Other discussion:
o AskCR has a message about being short staffed that is public and doesn’t look good to
o Student services assessment dialogs are being revised to include the student orientation
process and why it is being done this way. Eric is going to push faculty attendance at these
sessions. Suggested this conversation go to expanded cabinet to inform the district and
possibly be included with Keith’s report out to the Academic Senate meeting.
Note: Include Mary Grace in all cancellation meetings.
Presenter: 4115746
Summer Course-Cancellation Meeting
April 17, 2013
Present: Pat Girczyc, Rachel Anderson, Jeff Cummings, Keith Snow-Flamer, Anita Janis, Tiffany
Schmitcke, MaryGrace McGovern, Linda Turner, Crislyn Parker-notes
Group met for a discussion on whether to cancel any classes at this first meeting as per the course
cancellation policy.
It was suggested to cancel one or two of the GS6, there are numerous sections offered; and maybe one
AG 23 has no registrations.
Enrollments for the courses offered at HSU are not looking good, but it was noted that there are a
number of students from HSU registering for CR.
Engl 1B is looking good on the CR campus.
Adding a Psych1in-seat class, but Mendo Psych class is cancelled.
Note that LVN Students have not yet been accepted; this could affect overall registrations.
Deans are asked to collate classes we want to push and send to Paul DeMark.
Decided it is too early to make cancellations; many students look at fall and decide what to take over
the summer. We want higher enrollments for full time faculty; lower enrollments are ok for associate
faculty. It was discussed and decided that a general guideline for enrollments is 14, and then a
decision to cancel will be done on a case by case basis.
Presenter: 4115746