1. Division: Math, Science, Behavioral and Social Sciences
2. Course ID and Number: POLSC‐1
3. Course Title: Political Controversies
4. Please select the distance education method that describes how the course content will be delivered:
Online‐internet based ‐ Delayed Interaction: Students and instructor interactions are not simultaneous, but are delayed or distributed over time. Interactive‐video based ‐ Simultaneous Interaction: Students and instructor interactions are simultaneous, with immediate opportunity for exchange among participants. Hybrid online‐internet/classroom based: Students and instructor interactions are both classroom and internet based, with classroom time reduced and replaced by required online participation. 5. What perceived need will this distance education course address?
Enrollment of Political Science 1 (Poltical Controversies) has been low at both the Del Norte and Eureka
campus, with 12‐15 students enrolling in sections on both campuses. The simultaneous interaction mode
will allow students to interact, which is essential to this course, and it will provide a larger combined
6. Describe in detail how the course design will ensure Regular Effective Contact (refer to Regular Effective
Contact Policy) and include:
a. Threaded Discussion Forums (or equivalent)
b. Weekly Announcements (or equivalent)
c. Instructor‐Prepared Materials (e.g., text‐based, video &/or audio files) in addition to publisher‐created
materials to create a virtual equivalent of the face‐to‐face class.
The Interactive‐video based ‐simultaneous interaction will provide a face‐to‐face interaction. Students will be required to interact in the same manner as a typical face to face course. 7. To illustrate the description in #6, describe what students in this course will do in a typical week of this course.
Students will participate in lecture portion of the course as if they were present in a face to face classroom
Students will engage in small group discussions based on weekly topic to address political issues facing
local, state, national, and international areas of interest. Each group will present using telepresence just as
if they were in a traditional classroom environment.
Students will collaborate with group members and advisement from instructor to develop an in‐depth
political analysis of current political controversies.
8. What is the course “statement ” to be included in the syllabus for instructor frequency and timeliness of
instructor‐initiated contact and student feedback? (refer to Regular Effective Contact Policy)
The student will attend course twice a week via telepresence. They will be asked to participate in the
lecture, group discussions, and group projects as if they were present in a face to face course. Homework
Curriculum Approval: 04.10.15 Academic Senate Approval: 04.04.14 1 of 2 assignments, quizzes, and exams will be submitted through Canvas. Communication outside of class will be facilitated by College of the Redwoods email or Canvas email system. 9. How is this course designed to address Student Authenticity? Preventive measures may include: multiple assessment techniques, written assignments, threaded discussions, exams based on randomly drawn test bank items, timed exams, and raising student awareness of the College’s Code of Conduct. Student authenticity will be addressed by multiple evaluation techniques to include: written assignments, group presentations and projects, weekly discussion threads, timed exams, primarily essay focused exams, and addressing the College's Code of Conduct. 10. Describe the proctoring policy for this course. This course will not use proctored exams. 11. How will this course design address Student Accessibility? Course design may include: captioned videos, transcripts for audio files, and alternative text for graphics (refer to Accessibility Checklist): This course will include captioned videos, transcripts for audio files, and the course will comply with equal access laws, College of the Redwoods policy, and include the student disability information in the syllabus. Submitted by: William Meriwether Jr. Tel. Ext: 707‐465‐2370 Approvals: Distance Education Faculty Appointee Division Dean or Director: Tracey Thomas Date: 10/13/15 Review Date: Review Date: 10‐14‐15 CURRICULUM COMMITTEE USE ONLY Approved by Curriculum Committee: No Yes Date: Academic Senate Approval Date: Board of Trustees Approval Date: 2 of 2 Curriculum Approval: 04.10.15 Academic Senate Approval: 04.04.14