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College of the Redwoods
Renewable every five years
Date: 10/30/08
1. Division: Library
2. Course ID and Number: Library 99A
3. Course Title: Book of the Year Discussion Group
4. Distance Education Method:
Instructional TV on cable
Interactive TV on videoconference
5. Describe in detail how this course will apply the same standards of course quality as a
traditional classroom course (attach course outline and syllabus).
The assigned texts and reading schedule will be identical to the classroom course.
Weekly reading and writing assignments will also be identical. Writing assignments
will be through the Blackboard Discussion Forum, which will also serve as the
discussion platform in place of the classroom time. Furthermore, the required term
paper/presentation requirement will be identical, and students will have access to the
same assignment guides offered in the classroom. Interactions among the students
and the instructor will change from live discussion to online discussion boards. The
instructor will furnish a substantive prompt about the weekly subject theme to focus
students’ thoughts and discussion. Discussion board participation will be monitored
and graded weekly.
6. Describe how this course will include regular effective contact between the instructor and
Students will use the Blackboard to post weekly comments to instructor-prepared
questions from the reading and visual materials. They will also respond to each
other's posts on Blackboard. The instructor will develop weekly thematic prompts for
students. In addition, students will write two drafts of 750-word term papers on a
challenging issue or theme related to the reading and get feedback from the
instructor. There will be additional material posted to guide students through the
process of understanding primary and secondary sources and gathering resources to
analyze in the major essay.
7. Describe how standard methods of assessment will be adapted to the distance education
Written assessments in this class remain the same as in the classroom, with
comments and suggestions from the instructor given electronically rather than in
written format. Plagiarism checking will be done through the appropriate function in
Curriculum Approval: April 8, 2005 (rev.11/8/05)
Academic Senate Approval: May 6, 2005
May 29, 2016
In the online version of this class, students will be required to participate actively in
each discussion and be graded for this every week. Those who may feel reluctant to
participate in real-time classroom discussions may be more comfortable with the
asynchronous anonymity of an online environment.
Submitted by: Vincent Peloso
Tel. Ext: 4565
Date: 10/30/08
Department Chair:
Distance Education Coordinator: Mark Winter
Division Chair/Director: Jason Leppaluoto
Review Date:
Review Date: 10/31/08
Review Date: 11/3/08
Approved by Curriculum Committee: No
Academic Senate Approval Date: 11/21/08
Board of Trustees Approval Date: 1.06.09
Curriculum Approval: April 8, 2005 (rev.11/8/05)
Academic Senate Approval: May 6, 2005
Date: 11.14.08
May 29, 2016