CC Date used for Datatel:
Courses already approved by the Curriculum Committee require an additional review and
approval in order to be taught as distance learning classes, defined as classes in which the
instructor and student are separated by distance and interact through the assistance of
communication technology (Title 5, 55370). The purpose of this separate review and approval is
to ensure that classes taught by means of distance learning have the same quality, rigor and
intensity as other classes. In order to encourage experimentation and accommodate limited
timelines, classes may be taught once by means of distance learning before being approved by
the Curriculum Committee. The Committee, however, must be informed before the course is
I. Course for which approval is being sought: ENGR 99
2. Maximum class size for the distance learning section: _30__
3. Please specify what communication technologies will be used for this class and how:
Cable television will be used to communicate lecture and video presentations.
4. How many hours of instruction will be delivered by means of these technologies? 32.5
5. How many hours of instruction will be provided in person by the faculty member? _32.5__
Note: Instructors of transfer level classes must meet with the class in person on some regular
basis~ Instructors of other classes must simply maintain regular contact.
6. What forms of supplementary communication will be used and to what extent (e.g.,
telephone, e-mail, regular mail, computer bulletin board, newsletters)?
Computer bulletin board: To announce schedule changes, homework/project due dates
E-mail: For homework submission
Telephone: For other issues that cannot be resolved through e-mail.
Curriculum Committee
CC Date used for Datatel:
7. Please specify the reasons this course is appropriate for delivery by distance education:
Being an introductory course in Engineering, this course is designed to educate students
about engineering and the engineering major, advise students on how to pursue an
Engineering transfer ‘program’, and will also be used to help advertise the new Engineering
Transfer ‘program’ at College of the Redwoods. One potential positive outcome from
providing this course by DE is to increase enrollments in Math, Physics, Chemistry, and
Engineering courses at CR.
8. Please specify the changes that will be made in the delivery and conduct of the class in order
to maintain its quality:
Although this is a new course at CR, I have taught it many times at other California
community colleges. The delivery of the class will not be much different from how I’ve
taught the class previously. The collecting of homework and communication with DE
students will be the main change, though I do not anticipate any reduction in quality.
Faculty member: _Keith Level_________
Date: _10-10-03
Dean/Campus. V.P.: Richard Prystowsky
Date: 10-13-03
Curriculum Committee:
Curriculum Committee