DeLoach; Steve Stratton; Dana Maher; Hillary Reed; Tom Cox; Phil... Todd Olsen; Crislyn Parker - notes REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT

Program Review
9/23/11 10am – 12pm
Meeting Notes:
Present: Vinnie Peloso; Rachel Anderson, Cheryl tucker; Angelina Hill; Paul Hidy; Zach
DeLoach; Steve Stratton; Dana Maher; Hillary Reed; Tom Cox; Phil Freneau; Justine Shaw;
Todd Olsen; Crislyn Parker - notes
1. Call to Order – 10am
2. Approve 9/16/11 Notes: Moved and seconded to approve notes as corrected.
3. Update of Committee membership:
 Lisa Liken will not be able to participate. The academic senate is looking for a
replacement. The PRC still needs a Mendo position and a CSEA/Administrative
4. Review of Templates: (continued from 9/16/11 meeting):
 Instructional Annual: Utpal’s recollection is the “description” on the Faculty request
form is intended to detail more specifics of the position, to guide the faculty
prioritization committee. A description is not required. The committee agreed to
include a brief clarification, in parenthesis, in the job description box of the form.
Inform faculty if data is requested on the template, and not provided, the PRC/IR
should be notified immediately.
 After brief update on last week’s meeting, for new members, the committee
continued to review the templates. After discussion, the committee decided the
special attention boxes, on the Intro page are not necessary. The checklist boxes
were revised to include each of the four assessment reporting forms.
 Data Tab: The committee decided that Basic skills information will remain.
 Labor Tab: Data is not embedded, but hyperlinks are provided. PRC will have to
click on link to view data when reviewing the program review.
 Support Services Resources Tab: Requires people to be more specific and identify
what, why and include detailed support of the request.
 Curriculum Tab: Added a box: “How did the outcomes assessment process inform
these curricular updates?”
 District Data Tab: Data not embedded, but hyperlinks to district data are provided.
 Instructional Comprehensive: Each section has a tab showing tying it into the
strategic plan. There will be links to the strategic master plan and mission as well.
 Benchmarking and Advisory tabs: Blended the advisory tab and the benchmark tab
 PLO/SLO Tab: It should be explicit that each discipline must submit course level
plans, assessment etc. A checklist will be included, as in the annual.
 Efficiencies Tab: Information required by the Program Discontinuance and
Revitalization committee.
 FTEF tab: Information is a check for a healthy program, used for faculty
prioritization and will include a Y/N “have you completed the faculty request form?”
Service Time Tab: There was discussion on how to better include the information in
this area. Rachel will work Zach on where best to capture.
Projected Needs: Added to the service tab.
Development Activities: Committee discussed and agreed it wasn’t necessary.
Planning Assessment: Justine and Rachel will develop a chart and revise this section.
Changes will be sent to PRC members via email for review prior to publicizing.
Resources and Student Services Resources tabs: It was discussed and agreed that a
needs addendum can be submitted if required.
Budget tab: This will be the same as the annual and will include a box that asks for
mandatory recurring program expenses.
Assessment of self study and OptSumm tabs: The committee discussed and agreed to
Student Services draft templates: Because of time, these templates will be sent to
student services directors, who will submit feedback to Cheryl. Cheryl will also
check with Administrative Services and give a deadline of Friday, 9/30. On October
7, the committee will give the final thumbs up/down and proceed to work on the
needs addendums. Rachel and Zach will revise the templates as per discussion and
send via email to the committee as soon as possible
The Committee is tasked to review the Key indicator and calendar drafts and submit
feedback/suggested changes to Rachel/Cheryl over the next week.
5. Review Key Indicator drafts: (moved to email discussion)
a. Instructional
b. Student Services
8. Review Program Review Author calendar (moved to email discussion)
9. Review 5-year calendar (moved to email discussion)
10. Other:
No meeting on 9/30; however any committee member available to assist with the assessment
committee workshops 10am – 12pm on Friday, 9/30 is welcome. Rachel asks that
committee members please review the remaining agenda items and submit
feedback/changes by the end of this week. At the 10/7 meeting, she would like to have
a final vote to post and move on to addendums.
Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm. Next meeting is Friday, October 7, 10am in LRC 103.