Draft Committee Self-Evaluation Members of the committee attend regularly.

Draft Committee Self-Evaluation
1 = strongly agree, 3 = neutral, 5 = strongly disagree
Members of the committee attend regularly.
The committee members had appropriate information to make informed decisions.
Discussions and decisions were data driven and supported by sound evidence.
Members of the committee were representative of each area of the district.
Relevant committee information was effectively communicated to appropriate constituents.
The results of committee activities are communicated broadly to keep the district informed of
The committee had open and collaborative dialogue regarding decisions, plans, etc.
The committee followed an effective process for decision making.
The committee followed transparent processes.
The committee website is generally up to date (minutes, members, charge, etc.).
The integrated planning and budgeting process is clear.
The district has effectively communicated the outcomes of the planning and governance process.
Resources were adequate for committee members at all locations to participate.
How can the committee operate more effectively? How have you seen the committee improve?