Emergency Preparedness & Safety Committee

Emergency Preparedness & Safety Committee
Thursday, September 29, 3pm – 4pm
1) Welcome Back- Introductions:
Anita Janis, Mike Wells, Paul DeMark, Cheryl Tucker-BIT, Robert Ekholdt, Josh Edelman,
Garry Patrick-Maintenance, George Kapitan; Alison Hodges, Jenessa Lund, Crislyn Parkernotes
Meeting called to order. Mike Wells noted he has been tasked by the President to improve
our awareness of emergency preparedness at CR.
2) List of Priorities and Update
- Based on last year’s collaboration, we have identified 3 items to focus on:
a) Tsunami Siren:
 a request for funds has been submitted through Measure Q (to complete installation).
The committee will also simultaneously pursue the PGE grant for funds.
 The Tsunami Siren is triggered only by county. Per Garry, the siren has a horn, but
needs an amplifier, pole and instructions on how to install
b) CR Triggered Siren:
 There is discussion to establish a CR triggered alert, in addition to the county Tsunami
c) Alert Now type alert system:
 Eighty people across the district responded to Trish Blair’s email for an Alert Now alert
system. Closing requests on September 30, creating a database and will test on Monday.
A request was made to use this for emergency alerts only.
 The Shake-out drill is scheduled for 10/20/11 at 10:20 am
2) Discuss ShakeOut Drill and see who would like to participate or run a drill:
 There was some discussion regarding the Shake-out, especially since the Accreditation
Visiting Team will be on campus. Tentative plans were to hold later in the afternoon.
Academy of the Redwoods will be tabling outside LRC and the cafeteria to advertise for
the event. Crislyn will check on the Accreditation timetable.
3) Propose new draft of temporary evacuation sites and get feedback:
 There has been concern over the emergency safe zones and maps during construction at
CR. It is suggested to eliminate the current maps, create new temporary maps to be
official during construction. The decision is up to committee. There were consultations
with Dave Bazard and it was suggested to inviting Dave for discussion on his concerns.
 The committee unanimously agreed to:
o remove the #2 safety zone from the map
o create and distribute a temporary “construction zone evacuation” map and update it
when the new admin buildings are completed
o Because there is no one safe place for every type of emergency, a certain amount of
personal training needs to be done, and common sense used by people
o AR will run a full drill on 10/21 and will evacuate to the dorm parking lot
Life and Physical Sciences buildings will evacuate to the ADA Parking lot in front
of the Life science building; Creative Arts to the Creative Arts parking lot; the
Administration and Forum buildings to where is easiest to access; the CDC will
eventually be evacuated to the new Student Services building are, but are
encouraged to muster on the baseball field until the building is completed; AJ and
Maintenance to the baseball field; AR and dorms to the dormitory parking lot
o It is noted the FM building evacuation is a challenge during construction
 Changes will be made and the new map brought back to the committee for final approval
5) Department Reports/ Updates
 (Robert) The fire drill in the residence halls went well – two buildings were evacuated in
10 minutes. This is down from the twelve-plus minutes previously
 (Cheryl) BIT mission statement is revised and there is a page on the web being prepared
to inform what they are doing. They are narrowing and re-defining their scope to
working with students with specific challenges. Details will be shared at the next
meeting. The next newsletter defines differences between student conduct, intervention
and classroom issues and shows who to contact for each
 (George) submitted requests for electronic signage where the marquis currently resides
and this will be done soon, via measure Q funds. If this is tied to the Educational Master
Plan, there might be funds available from elsewhere. Some funding is granted only if
administrators are trained in emergency preparedness
 It is noted that the focus is for administration, from the president down, to receive the
NIMS 700 training. The committee believes the emergency plan is in good shape, but is
not well known. “Through training comes awareness.” The next NIMS trainings is
October 28th. Mike will send emails inviting people for this training. It is an online
course, hosted in one room, with this committee helping facilitate the course
 (Garry) PGE had meeting in Eureka for first responders and one of the PGE
representatives, Ivan, will forward pertinent information for CR. PGE also developed a
new website with electrical and natural gas emergency check lists for first responders
and it includes a new 800 emergency line for gas blowouts. Old
security/maintenance/DSPS radios will no longer work due to federal requirements to
use narrow banding (radios need to be tk2812). This needs to be done, but the college
has not offered to provide funding. Purchases will come from general department
budgets. FCC compliance required by 2013 or a large fine will be levied if caught.
Meeting adjourned at 4:10pm