REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Minutes of the CRFO/Senate Liaison Committee Meeting

Minutes of the
CRFO/Senate Liaison Committee Meeting
Friday, January 20, 2012
10 a.m.
• Eureka: 7351 Tompkins Hill Road, AD 206 (Academic Senate Office)
Members Present: John Johnston, Kerry Mayer, Mike Richards, Mark Winter
Members Absent: None
Also Present: Ruth Moon
1. Call to Order: Copresident Winter called the meeting to order at 10:06.
2. Introductions and Public Comment: Mark Winter welcomed everyone, and he called for
public comments; no public comments were forwarded.
3. Approve the December 2, 2011 meeting minutes: On motion by Kerry Mayer, seconded
by John Johnston, the minutes were approved as written.
4. Discussion Items
CRFO Update: CRFO President John Johnston presented updates on the following
issues: (1) A CRFO lawyer will present in Sacramento to provide reasons for why
the Chancellor’s Office should not approve CR’s 50% Law waiver request. (2) The
Board approved the SERP for faculty, and included in the agreement is a provision
for $20,000 for faculty development to be administered by a Senate ad hoc
committee. While CRFO does not know how many faculty are considering taking
the SERP, when the numbers are known, the union would like to coordinate efforts
with the Senate for how the faculty development funds are allocated and to ensure
that new faculty are hired. (3) The PERB negotiations are ongoing. (4) CRFO’s
attorney is drafting a letter regarding tenure issues that will go to the President and
to the Board. (5) The Stipend and Reassigned Time Committee is considering a
request for a faculty member to coordinate a Basic Skills Initiative Student Success
project. A faculty member has already been identified for the position, but the
opportunity was not opened up to others who might be interested.
4.2 Senate Update: Copresident Winter presented updates on the following Senate
issues: (1) At today’s Senate meeting, Mark will present a proposal to reestablish a
Senate Distance Education (DE) Ad Hoc Committee. Proposed goals for the
committee include establishing standards for online classes that will hopefully be
codified into an administrative procedure, addressing curriculum issues for DE
courses, and working with CRFO to develop training and evaluation standards for
online instructors. (2) Regarding the district’s compliance with the 50% Law,
President Goswami informed the Senate that financial reports will be issued
quarterly, but to date no reports have been distributed for this academic year.
CRFO/Senate Liaison Committee
January 20, 2012
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(3) Utpal informed the copresidents that he will designate an administrator to
facilitate the faculty prioritization process and that a meeting will be scheduled on a
Saturday in January. To date, the meeting has not yet been scheduled.
4.3 Update on Status of Revised Tenure Review Process Recommendations: John
Johnston reported that to date the proposed revisions have not been brought
5. Announcements/Open Forum: No announcements or open forum items were forwarded.
6. Adjournment: On motion by John Johnston, seconded by Kerry Mayer, the meeting was
adjourned at 11:23.
Respectfully submitted by Sally Frazier, Administrative Secretary to the Academic Senate.
Next Meeting:
Friday, March 2, 10 a.m.