Document 12353618

Resolution regarding Institutional Research
Whereas, The District is required to provide institutional research for accreditation,
mandated state and federal reporting, including descriptive data about our District, the
students it serves, student success, student achievement data, student learning outcomes,
and program learning outcomes. (Cited from Title III Year 5 Annual Program Review.)
Whereas, Institutional research is necessary for planning at all levels including facilities,
technology, integrated planning, departmental, and the student services division. (Cited
from ACCJC Standard 1.)
Whereas, Acceptance of the Title III Grant (2004-2010) obligates the District to
financially support institutional research with the termination of the grant.
Whereas, With the termination of the Title III Grant, the District has significantly
reduced its support for the Institutional Research Department staffing from Director,
Research Analyst, and Support Staff to its current level of one employee designated as a
Research Analyst.
Be it Resolved, That the Academic Senate for College of the Redwoods calls for a return
to the independent office of Institutional Research with staffing levels obligated under the
conditions of the Title III grant.