Redwoods Community College District Student Service Assessment Committee Meeting Notes December 4, 2009

Redwoods Community College District
Student Service Assessment Committee
Meeting Notes
December 4, 2009
Lakeview Room
Jennifer Bailey, Geoff Cain, Anna Duffy, Mike Miller,
Susan Mindus, Ruby Sodhi, Polly Scott, Lorie Walsh
Marcy Foster, Michael Regan, Mary Thompson,
The meeting began at 12:08 p.m.
The meeting notes from the November 13, 2009, Student Service Assessment
Committee (SSAC), were unanimously approved by all committee members present.
Ruby noted that she contacted the deans of both Mendocino and Del Norte
Education centers regarding representatives from each center to serve on SSAC, at
this time there are no volunteers. Ruby suggested that each committee member
attempt to identify someone from Del Norte and Mendocino that may be willing to
participate on the committee. Ruby asked for input regarding meeting space for the
committee; there was agreement that L107 in the Learning Resource Center (LRC), is
a good location for future meetings.
There was discussion regarding the establishment of the institutional flowchart
process and how learning outcomes and assessment will be included. It was also
noted that the flowchart will be changing again and that it should be determined how
to include input from this committee.
Ruby noted that all committees in the district (approximately 70 participants) are
currently filtering information to cabinet. She asked how the operational process is
working and who does the bulk of the work. Mike Miller asked if the Coordinated
Planning Committee (CPC) could have at least one member from each of the district’s
committees. Geoff Cain stated that the CPC is an advisory committee, not a decision
making committee. Ruby encouraged SSAC members to review the operating
agreements of other committees and see how SSAC fits in.
Ruby asked the committee to review the Student Services Comprehensive Program
Review, noting that it looks very similar to those done in the past. She stated that one
of the committee’s priorities for spring should be to review Student Learning
Outcomes (SLOs) and Program Outcomes (POs) and how SSAC can develop a process
to add to or make changes to next year’s template.
Ruby also noted that a challenge the SSAC will face will be dealing with the
assessment plan outcomes, and how to provide information on what the data truly
Another priority for the committee is to collectively decide and begin the process of
developing an assessment that will provide data that is most useful to the district.
Ruby suggested that the committee consider doing a Student Satisfaction Survey
which would be based on data collected from the survey instrument. There was
continued discussion among the committee members regarding the following: type of
data to be collected, how to collect data, timeline, baseline and dissemination of
information. The committee agreed that 1-2 priorities will be sufficient for the
committee to work on for the spring semester.
Ruby will develop a meeting schedule for the remainder of the school year.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.