SDAG Notes Tuesday, 10/23/12

SDAG Notes
Tuesday, 10/23/12
Went over big survey questions. Concerned with the length – need to make sure we aren’t asking
questions we can get from other sources. Check with IR to see if we need to be asking questions on
goal/program or can we access internally? Recommend we get rid of the satisfaction questions –
doesn’t really give us information we can use – old way of thinking. Cheryl will fix questions related to
knowledge of use of SEP. Need to add “W” questions and definition of withdrawal; need to add GS
specific question.
Draft Survey Questions:
(Also see demographic info we may want to add from
1. Please indicate your primary campus location:
a. Eureka Campus
b. Del Norte Education Center
c. Mendocino Coast Education Center
d. Klamath-Trinity Instructional Site
e. Online
2. What is your educational goal at College of the Redwoods (CR)?
a. Transfer to a 4-year University
b. Associate Degree (AA/AS)
c. Certificate
d. Increase skills without obtaining a degree/certificate or transferring
e. Other (please specifiy)
3. What is your academic program or major at CR?
4. How far away are you from completing a degree and/or certificate at CR?
a. 0-1 semesters (I will complete either this or next semester)
b. 2-3 semesters
c. 4+ semesters
d. I don’t expect to complete a degree or certificate
5. Do you have a Student Education Plan (SEP)?
a. Yes
b. No.
6. How often did you refer to your SEP this semester?
a. Not at all.
b. Once.
c. Twice.
d. Three times or more.
7. To what extent do you agree that your SEP was useful in (Likert scale Strongly Disagree,
Somewhat Disagree, Neutral, Somewhat Agree, Strongly Agree, I do not have an SEP):
a. Planning your next semester class schedule
b. Setting goals
c. Understanding how courses apply towards your goals
d. Determining a completion date
8. What could improve the usefulness of your SEP or your counseling/advising meetings? (open
9. Please rate your satisfaction with the following services (Likert scale
a. Academic Support Center/Tutoring
b. Counseling/Advising
c. English and Math Placement Testing
d. Enrollment Services/Registration
e. Financial Aid
f. Library
g. Orientation
h. Special Programs (EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs)
10. Have you ever had a library orientation or research workshop at CR?
a. Yes
b. No
11. About how much time do you spend in the library?
a. Less than 5 hours a week
b. 10-14 hours a week
c. 5-9 hours a week
d. 15-20 hours a week
12. The library is important to my success as a student (Likert scale Disagree Strongly/Disagree/No
Opinion/Agree/Agree Strongly)
13. I know how to access the library online research database from CR campus computers (Likert)
and from my home computer (Likert)
14. The library’s resource collections are adequate for my research and assignments (Likert)
Withdrawal questions for survey:
Have you withdrawn from one or more classes this fall?
a. Yes
b. No
If you answered “Yes”, please answer the following two questions:
Did you meet with your instructor and/or an advisor before making this decision?
a. Yes
b. No
Do you understand the consequences of the “W” grade for this class in terms of course
repeatability and/or financial aid eligibility?
a. Yes
b. No