Instructional Council Monday April 4, 2016, 11:00 pm – 12:30 pm,

Instructional Council
Monday April 4, 2016, 11:00 pm – 12:30 pm,
Board Room
Present: Mark Winter, Angelina Hill, Connie Carlson, Marla Gleave, Joe Hash, Michael Dennis, Sheila Hall,
Kerry Mayer, Erin Wall, George Potamianos, Julia Peterson, Rory Johnson, Cathy Cox, Ron Waters, Dave
Bazard, Crislyn Parker-support
1. Accreditation
 George will begin writing over Summer 2016.
 Continued the Standards beginning with II.8.A and assigning persons to be responsible for uploading
 Discussion on evaluating student course transfers to count toward CR degree for both in seat and DE
(OEI course articulation for DE)
2. Brief Directors/Deans status report
George: Curriculum developed a new routing chart, and timeline, as accurate as the Chancellor’s Office
processes will allow.
Erin: Assigning faculty for the schedule, and completing evaluations.
Cathy: Evaluation toolkit is approved for testing by all but faculty being evaluated this semester. Student
printing issues in the library-copier coin box is broken.
Sheila: Counseling attended GED night classes, and received good feedback with OneReg. Full
registration starts today. Additional Psych and Businesses classes could be offered.
Michael: Working with CTE faculty to update certificates and degrees.
Dave: Assigning faculty for the schedule, and completing evaluations. MSBSS added Psych 2 and is
offering an evening CHEM class in the fall; and CHEM 3 in spring 2017. Dave advocates having
designated DE evaluators, to ensure quality and consistency in online courses. Kerry recommends Deans
and supervisors also take the OTLT course for experience.
Rory: Planning for the April 5th Board meeting and groundbreaking ceremony for the new science lab.
Joe: Dash of Color went exceptionally well with over 500 people. Rules for student athletes are changing
to an abbreviated ed plan upon initial registration.
Julia: Assigning faculty for the schedule.
Ron: total of 36 students for the new academy. AJ and Academy advisory meetings held last week.
Sending the AJ curriculum revisions from the 4021 process to curriculum.
Marla: Offering two virtual Business 10 classes, in spring and fall; making one a late start.
Connie: The last faculty qualifications meeting is the week of commencement. Associate faculty would
like to know how long they need to keep student paperwork.
3. Enrollment Initiatives Update
 Dual Enrollment (Marla): HS liaisons reminded paperwork needs to be submitted in order to avoid
courses delay. CR dual enrollment faculty curriculum needs to be submitted by last curriculum
meeting. Sections will then be created.
 PBSP (Sheila, Julia, Mike): Orientation to students in credit GS; facilitating dates for placement
testing. Courses mapped and should be fairly large. Various and new students moving through boot
camp. Connie would like us to establish an in-house process for ensuring all faculty have contracts and
4. Basic Skills Grant (Erin)
 BS grant has been funded for approximately $635,000 over three years. 2-year schedule: Goal is to
have a 2017-2018 map of courses by semester and site that lead to degrees and certificates. Mark will
distribute a spreadsheet prepared initially by Tiffany, as well as minutes from a conference to assist
with the process. Included should be the availability of online courses. The catalog will show the two
year path, with schedules that can be adjusted, but there are still challenges.
5. Associate Deans Status: Two positions filled (Michael Dennis and Bob Brown are continuing).
6. Faculty Search Update: Auto tech position offered and accepted. Chemistry hiring team will forward
names to the President. Counseling onsite interviews this Friday (DN) and next Monday (EKA).
7. AT Facilities Update (Marla): complex will need to be vacated over summer. Nursing will need a
simulation lab; solutions are under discussion.
8. EOPS Transition: Cheryl will be reassigned to a special project and an interim EOPS director will be
selected; and possibly an assistant director.
9. Dean of Students- Conduct Code vs BIT: Joe, Dean of Students new position, effective April 1, 2016.
Joe, Trish and Mark will meet to determine BIT processes. Emphasize to faculty the avenues available for
conduct issues, who to contact, and classroom management discussions.
10. Gripes/Heads Up/Rumors
 Professional development for classroom management; especially issues of intoxication and what that
means. Suggested including federal law about 215 on syllabus and in Student Conduct Code.
 Discussion on how long instructors need to keep paperwork; point was made that students have
through the 2nd semester to challenge a grade.