Video interviewing assessment criteria

Video interviewing assessment criteria
Video interviewing assessment criteria
Why are you interested in this position?
Struggles to think of anything, Talks generically about jobs “of Talks fluently and clearly.
stumbles, includes incorrect
this nature” showing some
Demonstrates precise
employer name in answer.
insight into what is involved.
understanding of what this job
Fails to demonstrate any
Talks about “the company” not is about, itemising skills
research into the particular
“the firm”. Shows some
required and showing how
research but fails to make the
these relate to the applicant
response personal.
personally. Shows a knowledge
of the particular employer and
is able to explain why this
particular kind of work is of
What do you think a typical day with us would entail?
Struggles to think of anything
Is able to provide a reasonably Gives detailed and accurate
to say, response shows little
accurate list of likely tasks to
examples of the kind of activity
insight into the work actually
be undertaken. Does not
expected. Shows an
done and little awareness of
relate these specifically to
understanding of how the
others in the workplace
employer or demonstrate
individual will be working with
focusing on self.
research into business. Shows others. Clearly demonstrates
limited understanding of
research into the organisation
appropriate interaction with
and the post. Shows
others in the workplace.
enthusiasm and excitement
about working in this way.
Give me an example of a time when you have worked effectively in a team?
Talks generically about
Attempts an answer but slips
Makes clear use of CAR
working in a team using “we”
regularly into “we” and is not
framework, setting out the
and fails to identify own role.
clear about his own role and
context, focusing on personal
Muddled explanation without
influence. Gives some idea of
activity within the team and
conclusion or result.
results achieved but without
identifying results.
What do you do when you find yourself in a room full of people different from you?
Is unable to talk about a time
Shows some understanding of Shows a clear understanding
when this has happened,
difference and of an ability to
of difference and an
demonstrates no clear
learn from others but lacks
enthusiasm to learn,
understanding of “difference”. enthusiasm or a clear idea of
highlighting the opportunities
how to make this a learning
offered by this experience in a
opportunity or of what could
positive manner.
be learnt.