Leadership Lessons 2012 Specific Time of Year Rewind, Revisit & Review Review

Leadership Lessons 2012
Specific Time of Year
“If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.”
~ Unknown
Rewind, Revisit & Review
It’s that time of year again. As the winter break
slowly approaches, your organization might be feeling a
bit overwhelmed with the long “to do” list that needs to
be accomplished before the start of a new year. This is the
time to remember the old adage from The Tortoise and
the Hare fable – “slow and steady wins the race.”
Are they still realistic? Can they be altered based on
Take a “3R” approach to determining what steps
need to be taken to accomplish everything you need and
want to before your group goes on a short winter hiatus.
Review the goals and objectives the organization has
for the upcoming spring semester.
Facilitate a quick brainstorm of any additional goals
for the spring that need to be added or deleted.
Take a breath and go back to the start of the year.
What was your original mission and vision for the
Post your updated goals and information in a location that is visible and accessible to everyone.
Remind the group of the role each member has in the
organization and how they can contribute to the tasks
at hand.
Review and update the plan at each meeting throughout the remainder of the semester.
Identify three to five things the group wants to – and
can realistically – accomplish before the winter
Take a look at the deadlines you created for projects
or programs.
Leadership Reflection…
Tackling the To Do List
Is your personal “to do” list getting a bit long?
Do you have too much to do in too little time? Break
it down!
Blow the dust off the goals you set at the start of the
Identify what has already been accomplished.
What goals and deadlines still need to be met before
Determine who will take the lead on each of the
Take 30 seconds each day and open up your
planner. Write down one ACHIEVABLE goal that
you want to accomplish that day – maybe jot it down
at the bottom of each daily section. Share your goals
with others so they can help and support you in
accomplishing them. Once you have accomplished
them, cross them out in your planner– it will feel so
goals to be accomplished in the coming weeks.
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