Brief Bio

Brief Bio
1. Personal Information
Name: Dr. Mohammed Al Mashani
Academic Rank: linguistics Associate Professor
Department: Arabic language and literature
Specialization: linguistics
Minor specialization: Social linguistics
Address: Sultan Qaboos University, College of Arts & Social Sciences. P.O Box 42, P.C. 123. Al-Khod, Sultanate of Oman.
2. Employment History
Place of Work (Institution)
Sultan Qaboos University
Sultan Qaboos University
Assistant professor
Associate professor
3. Education and Qualifications
3- 1 Qualifications
Sultan Qaboos University
Manchester University
Ph d
3.2 Courses Taught
Introduction to Linguistics
Lingual issues
Research in language and literature methodology
4. Research
4.1 Research Interests
The study of ancient dialects and language brands in the Arabian Peninsula and the identify of
characteristics and relationships of classical Arabic with morphological and compositional aspects of
lexical and semantic point of view.
Study of the linguistic situation of the literary Arabic language in the region and getting of the linguistic qualities of its competition,
and strive to provide scientific perceptions of the linguistic phenomenon in various manifestations in the region, dealing with
linguistic transformations taking place in the area of scientific methodology and work to confront the policies of linguistic
planning considers the national interest of various dimensions.
4.2 Papers (5 most important or recent papers)
The ' Ti,aamah' in Oman(Food Terminology): Structure and Significance
A Linguistic study of Salalah dialect
The Linguistic phenomenon in Contemporary of Omani Society
A Study on the morphological and Structural/ phonemic features
modes of the expression in Omani pidgin language
4.3 Conferences (5 most important or recent conferences)
Participate in an official delegation to visit the relevant institutions in Japan and South Korea in 2009
Participation in culture and language seminar at Konaytra University in Morocco in June 2011
Participation in the International Conference of the Arabic language in Beirut, March 2012
Participation in the meeting of the coordinating universities and institutions involved in the Arabic
language in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in Riyadh in May 2013
Participation in the forum, the third Arab Open University in Muscat in May 2013
4.4 Thesis Supervision (5 most recent theses)
Virtual methodology in understanding the text student Majid Al Alawi (PhD).
Prophet’s Hadith language between the standard and the using student Mohammed Al Shezawi (PhD)
Alshariya voices student Amer Al Kathiri (Master)
5. Awards
Excellence Award of the GCC countries in the field of studies and research for 2015
Certificate of Appreciation from the Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council which has been achieved in the field
of studies and intellectual production in 2012
6. Community Service
6.1 Community services (Lectures – Seminars – etc….)
Chairman of the Committee for Research and Studies in the contest Literary Forum 2009
A lecture at the Chamber of Commerce Industry of Oman Salalah branch in July 2015, entitled "Arabic
language and cultural globalization."
Write a detailed report on the philosophy of public education in Sultanate at the request of the Ministry of
Education included observations and proposals for amendments which I suggested to the
representative of Education for methodology
A lecture at the Cultural Club on the occasion of the World Day of Arabic language in 2013 entitled "The
Arabic language is a universal language" and a lecture on the same subject the following year in Sohar
University in 2014.
Session chaired the Nizwa University on the historical position of Nizwa in 2014 on the occasion of
Nizwa, the capital of Islamic culture.
6.2 Committee membership (5 main committees)
A member of the higer agency of the Arab linguistic reserve of 206 to 2015
A member of a committee of upgrade Ministry of Higher Education in 2012
Member of the jury and pre-screening for the Sultan Qaboos Prize for the Arts, " Branch the Arabic
language studies," 2015
Member of the Advisory Committee for the Literary Forum
Member of the Executive Committee of College of Arts, Sciences and Social