General Education Committee Meeting Minutes

General Education Committee
Meeting Minutes
Date: January 22, 2016
Committee Members Present: Edris Montalvo, Syed Ahmed, Mandy Husak, Marge Kingsley,
Yingqin Liu, Karla Oty, Holly Rice, Mandi Smith, Abdulhamid Sukar, Kirsten Underwood,
Matthew Van Sant, Yanjun Zhao, and Loree Gaines
1. Meeting was called to order at 10:01 AM in in the MCC Boardroom.
2. Dr. Hoepfner, from the Music Department, presented changes in the Music Department’s
curriculum based on the results of WEAVE assessments. Currently Music Majors have taken
a four course sequence, MUSC 1413 (Music Literature I), MUSC 1423 (Music Literature II),
MUSC 3513 (Music History I), and MUSC 3523 (Music History II). The changes in the
curriculum affect this four course sequence which would become: Music Literature I, Music
History I, Music History II, and Music History III. Music Literature I has been a General
Education course at Cameron. The changes in the Music curriculum would still leave Music
Literature I as a General Education course, but one more specifically tailored to the need of
Music Majors. The Music Department wants the General Education Committee (GEC) to
keep Music Literature I as a General Education course. After much discussion, Holly Rice
made the motion to accept Music Literature I as a General Education course if the course
description was modified to include a statement that students taking the course need to be
able to read sheet music. Mandi Smith seconded the motion. The motion passed.
3. Minutes were read and approved with one correction, Marge Kingsley was added to the
roster of those present for the meeting.
4. Biology Critical Thinking General Education Assessment questions are due to the GEC by
the February GEC meeting.
5. The Fiscal Year 2016 – 2017 Budget Development Consideration, Staff or Reduction 17,
suggested that the NSSE survey be shifted forward one year. This was discussed in the GEC
November 9, 2015 meeting, item 5. By shifting the NSSE survey forward one year will result
in a $4,000 savings to Cameron University.
6. General Education Roundtables. The following General Education Assessments will be
discussed during the General Education Roundtables:
 Information literacy
 Diversity
 Critical Thinking – for Biological Sciences only
All members of the GEC are encouraged to attend all General Education Roundtables.
7. The General Education Cluster Key Assessment master sheets are being sent to the
Department Chairs for their input.
8. Steps to Changing Key Assessments. A new form, Request to Change General Education
Assessment, was developed and distributed to GEC members.
9. GEC Action Plan Updates:
a. Syllabus Check sheet Update for Capstone Courses. The GEC is recommending that
Capstone Course Syllabi include the Student Learning Objective (SLO) that is/are being
reinforced/mastered in the Capstone course as per curriculum maps.
b. CAAP – the Center for Writers needs to send reminders to departments that they are
available to assist with Capstone courses. This information should be included in the
Capstone syllabus.
c. Speech Lab. The Speech Lab needs to send reminders to departments that they are
available to assist with Capstone courses. This information should be included in the
Capstone syllabus.
d. Teaching and Learning Series. The Teaching and Learning Series (TLS) will conduct a
session on Problem Solving Skills this spring.
10. Several GEC members have received books on Critical Thinking Skills. This topic may be
part of the TLS. Those who received the Critical Thinking Skills books may be asked to
present at the appropriate TLS.
11. Capstone Survey. The capstone survey will be on-line. Students are encouraged to participate
in this indirect measure. Dr. Vanderslice will be sending reminders about this survey to
capstone instructors and Department Chairs.
12. Assessment Webpage Updates. This is part of the University’s transparency initiative. The
GEC is being asked, along with other University committees, to what we want to include on
the Cameron University webpage for transparency.
13. Excellence in Assessment (EIA) Application. This was for our information to let the GEC
know that the University is putting together a committee to submit an EIA Application.
14. General Education Committee Member Term Adjustment Update. After the spring elections,
if a school needs two new representatives on the GEC, the individual that receives the most
votes will serve for 3 years, and the individual that comes in second will serve for two years.
15. Look for the February Doodle Poll to determine the next GEC meeting.
16. There was no other new business.
17. Meeting adjourned at 11:28 AM.
Submitted by Loree Gaines