TO: ... FROM: Faculty Development Grant Committee

All MTSU Faculty, Chairs and Deans
Faculty Development Grant Committee
2016-17 Faculty Development Grants
We are pleased to announce that the Faculty Development committee will accept grant
applications with the following deadlines:
September 16, 2016
October 28, 2016
February 10, 2017
March 31, 2017 (if funds remaining)
Instructions and general guidelines for the Faculty Development Grant program and
application forms are available online and can be accessed at the Office of the
University Provost Website, or may be
obtained from the Office of the University Provost.
To receive grant funds, the applicant must be a tenured or tenure-track full-time MTSU
teaching faculty member, and preference will be given to applicants who have not
received support from this committee within the past two years. The median grant
award last year was $1177.15 and most successful grants included departmental
contributions or matching funds.
The committee encourages all applicants to review the guidelines carefully before
drafting proposals. In general, successful Faculty Development grants directly support
faculty development along with benefitting the University.
Applications that do not meet the goals of the Faculty Development program may be
better suited for consideration by the Instructional Evaluation & Development, Research
& Creative Activity, Public Service and Non-Instructional Assignment committees,
among others.
Again, the deadlines for Faculty Development grants are September 16, 2016, October
28, 2016, and February 10, 2017, and if funds remain at that time March 31, 2017. We
look forward to your proposals.
For more information, please contact the office of Academic Affairs.
Past Recipients
Past Faculty Development Grant recipients for the past two years include:
2015-2016 FDG Recipients
Nate Callender
Virginia Dansby
Darren Levin
Lee Wade
Amy Elleman
Jenna Gray-Hildenbrand/Rebekka King
Steven Livingston
Claudia Barnett
Sisavanh Houghton
Xiaowei Shi
Kenneth Lancaster
Saleh Sbenaty
Paul Kline
Marsha Barsky
Deanna Little
Ed Leadership
Theatre & Dance
Political Science
Com. Stud/ORCO
Social Work
Theatre & Dance
2014-2015 FDG Recipients