MATH 1070-002: Introduction to Statistical Inference, Fall 2010

MATH 1070-002: Introduction to Statistical Inference, Fall 2010
Instructor: Elisha Hughes
Email: [email protected]
Office: JWB 306
Office hours: After class, or by appointment
Classroom: JTB 140
Class time: Tuesday and Thursday 6-7:30pm
Text: The Basic Practice of Statistics, 5th Edition, by David S. Moore
Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in Math 1010 (Intermediate Algebra), or a math ACT score of
23 or higher
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): This act requires that reasonable accommodations be
provided for students with physical, sensory, cognitive, systemic, learning or psychiatric
disabilities. Students requiring such accommodations should speak with the instructor at the
beginning of the semester in order to make appropriate arrangements for this course. The Center
for Disabled Student Services (801-581- 5020) will also need to be informed.
Course Description: This is an introductory course in statistics. It fulfills the Quantitative
Reasoning QB requirement in Statistics and Logic.
Course Work and Grading: Grades will be based on weekly quizzes, a midterm, and a final
exam as follows:
Homework and Quizzes: 35%
Midterm: 30%
Final exam: 35%
Make-ups: There are NO make-up tests, and NO make-up quizzes. Students should make
semester plans in advance - this is non-negotiable! I will drop your two lowest quiz scores, so
missing one (or two) quizzes will not hurt your grade.
Some Important Dates:
September 1st – Last day to drop classes
September 17th – Last day to withdraw from classes
October 11-16th – Fall Break!
October 21st – MIDTERM EXAM
November 25-26th – Thanksgiving Break!
December 10th – Classes end
December 14th – FINAL EXAM, 6-8pm in our regular classroom
Tutoring Center: The Mathematics Tutoring Center offers free, drop-in tutoring to all students
enrolled in this class. The Tutoring Center is located in the T. Benny Rushing Mathematics
Center. The hours for fall semester are: 8:00am- 8:00 pm Monday- Thursday and 8:00 am - 4:00
pm on Friday, closed on weekends and University holidays. For students who need more
attention than the tutoring center can offer, University Tutoring Services, 330 SSB, offers
inexpensive private tutoring. A list of private tutors is also available from the math department
office (in JWB). Group tutoring sessions, for 5 or more students, can be arranged through the
Tutoring Center. There is also a drop-in computer lab for all students enrolled in a math class,
and group study rooms, both of which are adjacent to the Tutoring Center.