Faculty Assembly Executive Council Minutes March 27, 2013 ASB-230 900-1015 AM

Faculty Assembly Executive Council Minutes
March 27, 2013
900-1015 AM
Present: Jill Weiss, Jennefer Mazza, Jonathan Lipkin, Irene Kuchta, Donna Crawley, Bob
Becklen, Tae Kwak, Ken McMurdy, Emma Rainforth, and Murray Sabrin
Absent: None
Secretary: Dean Chen
ARC Report
a. ARC will be holding an open meeting on Wednesday, 3/27, from 1011am, in ASB 136. This meeting's focus will be the proposed Curriculum
Policy/Procedure 300KK, "Integrity of Academic Programs," which was
circulated via Provost's Council to Unit Councils in the past few weeks.
This document defined, among other things, the terms "major,"
"concentration," "track" and "school core. The documents can be found on
the ARC website.
b. ARC representative should make sure that syllabi meet the ARC
requirements, and this point will be raised at the next FA meeting.
2. Strategic Plan
a. Goal #1 (Advance Academic Excellence and Engagement); Goal #2
(Enhance Financial Strength and Institutional Sustainability); and Goal # 3
(Improve Internal and External Relations and Communications).
b. On Objective 1.3, set up a target for improving faculty diversity
c. A separate goal for improving the “campus climate”
d. On Target 1.4.2, some rewording needed for SAT requirement
e. On Target 1.1.1, revision needed on “peer-normed data” (NSSE and
CLA); the data would be better be decided by each convening group.
f. On Target 1.1.2, is 90% feasible?
g. On Target 1.3.1, reconsider requirements of faculty development activities
and attendance of workshops.
h. On Target, 1.3.3, discuss whether faculty service should be tied to
“personnel decision.”
i. On Target 1.4.3, what do “arts and humanities” refer to?
j. Target 1.4.4 should be referred to the financial section.
k. Target 2.3.2, there is no number or basis of measurement
l. Target 2.3.3, should be in Goal # 3
m. Targets 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 are vague
n. Goal # 3: vagueness in wording—needs greater clarification on base line
o. Summary: many of the numbers are randomly given and no base line.
3. Approval of FAEC minutes (3/13), with 4 abstentions.