Quizzes are take-home problem sets, one per week. They are graded like exams, score 0-100 on
each problem. The quizzes make up 10 percent of the final grade.
Thursday Labs
Think of the Lab as a separate 1-day per week course, integrated into 2250. Labs are problem sets
not directly from any textbook, newly created weekly for this course. The 14 labs each have 1-4
problems, a take-home style problem set individually graded weekly. Attendance is taken each
Thursday, by Ziwen Zhu. The Lab represents 10 percent of the final grade in 2250.
Midterm Exams
They will parallel historical 2250 exams, 2014 and earlier. Sample exams will be posted when
first available. There is a rich history of midterm exams available on the course web site.