The authors recognize the helpful suggestions made by CAPT Robert
Tylecki, Director of N6C, concerning the appropriate vignettes to address relevant naval operations, and Howard Wiener of N6C for his
helpful comments on the technical approach adopted in this research and his detailed review of this report. We also thank RAND
colleague David Signori and Thomas Lucas at the Naval Postgraduate
School for their excellent reviews of the draft version of the report.
Several faculty members at the Naval Postgraduate School at Monterey, Calif., contributed useful comments during the early analytical
phases. Prominent among these are Wayne Hughes, William
Kemple, and Donald Gaver. We are grateful for their assistance. We
also wish to thank RAND colleague RADM (ret) Frank Lacroix for his
guidance in designing the vignettes presented in this work and for
sharing with us his personal experience as a submarine commander.
Finally, we thank Karen Echeverri for completing the myriad
administrative tasks required to publish this report.