Comment of Project

Comment of Project
Chyna Christensen, Cassie Bowman, Jod Booker and Victor Spikes
Good job! Your report is well-organized and easy to follow. I like that you explain to the
reader what you will do and provide enough information before give the formulas. And you
made the correct equations when you dealt with inflation on which is easy to make mistakes.
Here are some suggestions:
• You have to make sure the number you get is the tuition for a semester or for a year,
since you jumped between these two settings several times in the report.
• The report is incomplete since you’ve only calculated the saving account for the tuition
of the first year. Although the quarterly payments for the other five years are calculated
with the same idea, you have to do it in order to make further discussions as required.
• You should give a list of works cited at the end of the report, for example, where you
found the tuition of UCSC and UofU.
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