DEPARTMENT OF EARTH SCIENCE  College of Natural Sciences  University of Northern Iowa  Departmental Mission Statement 

DEPARTMENT OF EARTH SCIENCE College of Natural Sciences University of Northern Iowa Departmental Mission Statement The mission of the Department of Earth Science is to instruct, to conduct scholarly inquiry, and to inform the general public about astronomy, geology, meteorology, and oceanography and the methods for educating in these areas. To achieve this, the Department offers courses for the Liberal Arts Core Program and provides comprehensive undergraduate majors in Earth Science, Earth Science Teaching, and Geology. In addition, minors are offered in Astronomy, Earth Science, Earth Science Teaching, Geology, and Meteorology. The Department also contributes to graduate and undergraduate programs in Environmental Science and Science Education. Program Goals and Objectives The Department of Earth Science has the following goals: 1. Maintain instructional excellence A. Maintain excellence of undergraduate major programs B. Maintain quality contributions to UNI’s Liberal Arts Core Program C. Maintain quality contributions to the University’s Teacher Education Program D. Develop and maintain selected programs for national visibility 2. Maintain and improve opportunities for student participation and professional growth 3. Maintain and improve opportunities for faculty development and professional growth 4. Maintain and improve communications within the University community 5. Maintain and improve the space required for the teaching, research, and service needs of a growing department 6. Increase use of technologies where appropriate 7. Maintain and upgrade facilities and equipment